Rachaya Al Foukhar

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Rachaya Al Foukhar

راشيا الفخار
Rachaya Al Foukhar, in the 1880s:[1]
Rachaya Al Foukhar, in the 1880s:[1]
Map showing the location of Rachaya Al Foukhar within Lebanon
Map showing the location of Rachaya Al Foukhar within Lebanon
Rachaya Al Foukhar
Location within Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°21′12″N 35°40′02″E / 33.35333°N 35.66722°E / 33.35333; 35.66722Coordinates: 33°21′12″N 35°40′02″E / 33.35333°N 35.66722°E / 33.35333; 35.66722
Grid position148/157 L
Country Lebanon
GovernorateNabatieh Governorate
DistrictHasbaya District
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Dialing code+961

Rachaya Al Foukhar (also spelled Rashaya Al Foukhar, Arabic راشيا الفخار) is a Lebanese village in the district of Hasbaya in the Nabatiye Governorate in southern Lebanon. It is located on the western slopes of Mount Hermon at an altitude starting at 750 m with the highest summit being at 1,250 m. The population is Greek Orthodox.


In 1852 Edward Robinson noted: "The village is celebrated for its pottery; for the manufacture of which it is one of the chief seats. There are many large dome-shaped furnaces for burning of ware; and many specimens were standing outside of the houses [..], tall jars, and the like. This pottery is sent around to all the fairs of the country, and far into the Hauran; as also to Hums and Hamah."[2]

In 1875, Victor Guérin found here a town with 700 inhabitants, mostly "Schismatic Greek". He also noted the pottery production, and that there was a small Protestant mission in the place.[3]


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