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Rachel is the second wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.

Rachel may also refer to:


Media and entertainment[edit]


  • Rachel (film) (2009), a 2009 documentary about the death of Rachel Corrie
  • Rachel, Rachel (1968), a 1968 film starring Joanne Woodward and directed by Paul Newman


  • Rachel (play), 1916 play by Angelina Weld Grimké
  • Rachel (Animorphs), a character from the Animorphs book series by K. A. Applegate
  • Rachel (story), a short story by Erskine Caldwell, included in We Are the Living (1933)
  • My Cousin Rachel (1951), a novel by Daphne du Maurier
  • Rachel, in the novel Moby-Dick (Chapter 128) a whaling vessel that solicits Captain Ahab's aid in finding the lost son of the Rachel's captain; Ahab refuses. In the last lines, the Rachel rescues Ishmael.


Other media and entertainment[edit]

  • Rachel Green (e), a fictional character on Friends
  • Rachel, the lead soprano role in the 1835 opera La Juive

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