Rachel Cory Hutchins

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Rachel Cory Hutchins
George Reinholt Victoria Wyndham Another World 1973.JPG
Another World character
Portrayed by
Duration 1967–99
First appearance March 8, 1967
Last appearance June 25, 1999
Created by Agnes Nixon
Introduced by Mary Harris
For Richer, For Poorer
  • Sculptor
  • Businesswoman
  • Art dealer
  • Legal aide
  • Restaurant owner
  • Model
Robin Strasser as Rachel Davis.jpg
Robin Strasser as Rachel

Rachel Cory Hutchins is a fictional character from the NBC daytime soap opera, Another World.


The role was created by Agnes Nixon and originated by Robin Strasser on March 8, 1967, who played the role through December 10, 1971. Strasser would briefly return to the role from February 17, 1972 until June 29, 1972. During Strasser's absence, Margie Impert portrayed the role from December 27, 1971 to February 15, 1972. Victoria Wyndham took over the role on July 21, 1972, staying on until the show's final episode on June 25, 1999.

Character History[edit]


Rachel Davis was born to Gerald (Walter Mathews) and Ada Davis (Constance Ford). Her father walked out when she was young and she was raised solely by her mother. Growing up poor, Rachel dreamed of a glamorous life and was determined to do whatever it took to get it.

Russ & Steve & Ted & Alice[edit]

Rachel met Russ Matthews (Sam Groom) when she was recovering from a fainting spell while modelling, and married him because she believed he was part of a wealthy Bay City family. It turned out Russ had wealthy family members, but he was middle class. Rachel fell head over heels for wealthy Steve Frame (George Reinholt), but he was in love with Russ's sister, Alice (Jacqueline Courtney). Rachel encouraged Alice not to let her handsome and rich suitor get away, but was secretly planning to have for herself. She would find any excuse to double-date with Alice and Steve.

As much as she tried, Steve only had eyes for Alice. Rachel couldn't understand what Steve saw in Alice. She was too sweet and too nice. Rachel believed he needed a real woman and she was determined to be THAT woman for him. Besides, Rachel had something in common with Steve that Alice did not: they both came from similarly poor backgrounds and, as adults, had broken free.

One night after a heated argument with Russ about what a real man Steve was compared to him, Rachel left the Matthews home and moved in with her mother. One night, she visited Steve in his apartment, who was depressed after a fight he had with Alice. Taking full advantage of Steve's vulnerability, Rachel seduced him into bed and later told her mother in her classic smug way that not only did she get Steve in bed, but that she was going to divorce Russ and marry Steve.

Rachel later found out she was pregnant and knew the baby had to be Steve's. She crashed his and Alice's engagement party and informed the happy couple she was having Steve's baby. Steve flat out refused to believe that the baby was his and wanted to have nothing to do with her. Frantic, Rachel charmed Russ into a reconciliation and tried to pass off her baby as his. She gave birth to a son named James Gerald Matthews, nicknamed Jamie. When the truth about Jamie came out, Rachel's marriage to Russ was over. Steve still married Alice and Rachel jumped into a short-lived marriage with Ted Clark (Stephen Bolster), with whom she ran a restaurant. Rachel managed to tear Steve and Alice apart by telling him he could only see Jamie in her presence, making her believe they were having an affair. Rachel was thrilled when Steve and Alice divorced. Steve married Rachel for Jamie's sake. The marriage was quickly over and Steve went back to Alice yet again. Steve and Alice remarried and Steve was sent to jail for embezzlement. Rachel tried to throw Alice out of the house Steve had built for her. Alice was already on the verge of a mental breakdown and this helped push her over the edge.

Ultimately, it was death and not Rachel's interference that caused the end for Steve and Alice, when Steve was presumed dead in a helicopter crash in Australia.

Mac Cory[edit]

Rachel met the love of her life, Mac Cory (Douglass Watson), at his "Welcome to Bay City" party. They dated for a few months and married on Valentine's Day. The beginning of their marriage was full of love and happiness—his wedding present to her was the mansion she lived in the rest of the series. Mac's daughter, Iris Carrington (Beverlee McKinsey), was a constant thorn in their sides. Iris did everything she could to break Mac and Rachel up, but her schemes always failed. Iris even played a part in Rachel's miscarriage, because she knew Rachel was in trouble and did nothing to help. The miscarriage created a rift between Mac and Rachel. Wanting her to have something of her own, Mac arranged for Rachel to have sculpture lessons. Rachel fell in love with sculpting and devoted so much time to it that it caused problems with Mac. Their marriage nearly fell apart when Mac had a one-night-stand while Rachel was at her first big showing in New York, but their love was too strong and they worked thorough it. Their marriage was put to the test again after their maid Helga arranged for Rachel to see Mac in bed with another woman. They had a daughter named Amanda and Mac was overjoyed that he finally had a biological daughter since Iris was adopted. Upon learning this, Iris went out of her way to ruin their marriage. She convinced Rachel to buy off Jamie's fiancé, which created another rift between her and Mac.

Mac and Rachel are married, 1975.

Their marriage finally disintegrated when Mac had an affair with Janice Frame (Christine Jones). They divorced and fought over custody of Amanda. Janice and Mac married. Janice was having an affair with Mitch Blake (William Gray Espy) and the pair planned to murder Mac and take his money. Mitch backed out and told Rachel about Janice's plan. Rachel went to St. Croix to save Mac, but she had to sleep with Mitch in order for him to tell her where they were. Rachel found Mac just as he was poisoned by Janice, but before they could escape, Janice came at them with a knife. The two women fell into a pool, Rachel stabbed Janice, and she died.

Rachel was mortified to discover she was pregnant with Mitch's baby, but still remarried Mac. She confronted Mitch, accidentally shot him, and the building he was in was burned to the ground. When a body was found, Rachel went on trial for his murder. She was forced to admit during the trial that the child she was carrying was Mitch's, leaving Mac heartbroken. She was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison. Mac started divorce proceedings. Rachel first arranged for her newborn son Matthew, named in honor of the Matthews family, to be raised by her ex-husband Russ and his new wife, singer Tracy Merrill (who was subsequently killed in a mob hit). However, Mac protested, desiring to raise Matthew himself. Mac felt something was not right about Mitch's death. He and Jamie (now played by Richard Bekins), and Rachel, who had been let out of prison for a day to attend the funeral of her stepfather, Charley Hobson (Fred J. Scollay), managed to track down a very much alive Mitch. It turned out he did not remember the events surrounding his supposed death.

Rachel was now free and Mac dropped the divorce. Mac was still jealous of Mitch, who had returned to Bay City to be closer to his son. It turned out Mac's jealousy was warranted since Rachel began an affair with Mitch. Despite protests from Jamie and Ada, Rachel decided to start a new life with Mitch and divorced Mac. Ultimately, things did not work out for Mitch and Rachel and she left him. Mitch kidnapped Matthew, but he was caught and sent to prison.

Mac became engaged to Rachel's longtime nemesis, Alice Frame and it appeared that it was finally over for Mac and Rachel. A mysterious stranger named Edward Black came to town. He turned out to none other than Steve Frame (now played by David Canary) back from the dead. He had amnesia after the accident as well as extensive plastic surgery. Both Rachel and Alice found themselves drawn to him again. Steve and Alice got back together, but she dumped him when she found out he wanted Rachel. Steve and Rachel became engaged, but Steve was killed in a car accident on their way to the airport to elope. Rachel was temporarily blinded from the accident, and through her recovery, she and Mac found themselves falling for each other again. They remarried for what would be the last time.

Shortly after this, Carl Hutchins (Charles Keating) showed up in Bay City. Rachel took a liking to him, but Mac hated him on sight. Rachel was kidnapped by Carl, who wanted to get back at Mac for allegedly causing his father's death, but was rescued in time. She temporarily suffered amnesia, but her love for Mac brought her back.

Mitch was released from prison and came back to Bay City. He determined to have a relationship with Matthew, but Rachel did not want him anywhere near her son. There seemed to be a possibility that Rachel and Mitch might rekindle their affair, but Rachel put a stop to it. Matthew and Mitch grew close, with his parents' blessing.

Iris (now played by Carmen Duncan) returned to Bay City. Mac was happy to see his daughter again, while Rachel still had her reservations about Iris. When a mysterious publishing house called Bennett Publishing brought Cory Publishing to the brink of destruction, Rachel teamed up with Donna Hudson (Anna Stuart) to investigate. The only thing that was known about Bennett Publishing was that it was run by someone called "The Chief." Rachel found out "The Chief" was none other than Iris herself! Rachel confronted Iris and demanded she tell Mac. Mac was devastated by this revelation and went on a trip to Maine to reflect. Sadly, Mac died suddenly of a heart attack. Rachel was devastated by Mac's death. He was her anchor, her lover, and her best friend. Although she eventually fell in love again and even remarried years later, a part of her heart would always belong to Mac. Rachel tearfully buried the love of her life.

Life after Mac[edit]

In his will, Mac left equal shares of Cory Publishing to Rachel, Iris, and Amanda. When the vote came down, Iris was voted in as CEO thanks to a tiebreaker vote by Jamie's estranged wife, Vicky (Anne Heche). Jamie (Laurence Lau) had won sole custody of their son, Steven, and Vicky offered to vote for Rachel if she was given Steven back, but Rachel refused.

Rachel began a short relationship with Ken Jordan (Lewis Arlt), which ended when she discovered he had only wanted revenge against Mac. Mac's illegitimate daughter, Paulina Cantrell (Cali Timmins), had arrived in town with Ken. Rachel embraced her as part of the family and the two became good friends.

When her beloved mother died of heart failure, Rachel lost the only person who had always been there for her. Her family rallied around her to help her through the difficult loss.

Rachel's sworn enemy, Carl Hutchins, returned to town. Carl wanted Rachel to pretend to date him so he could fix his reputation and form a relationship with his newly discovered son, Ryan Harrison (Paul Michael Valley). Against all odds, Rachel and Carl fell in love with each other. They married much to the disapproval of pretty much everybody in Bay City, particularly Iris. Iris planned to scare Carl by shooting blanks at him during the wedding ceremony, but Evan Frame (Eric Scott Woods), Janice's son, replaced the blanks with real bullets and Carl was shot. He survived and Iris was sent to jail.

They had many problems with their marriage, especially after Carl refused to let go of his vendetta against Grant Harrison (Mark Pinter) after he killed Ryan (Grant's half-brother), but their love proved stronger than any adversity. In 1997, they had twin children, Elizabeth and Cory. Rachel discovered at the same time that she had a tumor, but she chose to continue her pregnancy and risk her life for her babies. Their marriage was stronger than ever until Carl's oldest enemy, Alexander Nikos, showed up in town. After a few months of feuding, Nikos kidnapped Rachel, only returning her because of his love for Felicia Gallant (Linda Dano). Rachel and Carl's marriage took another downfall when it was revealed that Amanda was posing as Hadley Prescott, Carl's "lover." Rachel knew about this secret, but refused to tell Carl. Carl left town for a while after he found out that Rachel knew about "Hadley." Rachel and Carl have since reconciled after they found out that Shane Roberts (Robert Kelker-Kelly), the man who had received Ryan's corneas, was killed.

Rachel had to deal with Carl's change of character. She wanted to trust her husband, but it looked like he was reverting to his old ways. However, Rachel had to mourn one more dead husband when Carl was shot by Scott Guthrie and "burned alive" in the hospital's ICU unit. From then on, Rachel concentrated on restoring Cory Publishing to its former glory. Carl turned out to be alive and suffering from a brain tumor. He had an operation to have it removed and they reunited.

Rachel spent years as a manipulative troublemaker. She mellowed out and became a successful wife, mother, artist, and businesswoman. The woman who, at one point, most of Bay City could not stand, became the heart and soul of it.


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