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Rachel Talalay
Born (1958-08-16) 16 August 1958 (age 62)
Alma materYale University
  • Director
  • producer
  • professor
Years active1981–present
Spouse(s)Rupert Harvey
Parent(s)Paul Talalay

Rachel Talalay (born 16 August 1958) is a British-American film and television director and producer. She is also a University of British Columbia film professor.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Talalay was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her father Paul Talalay was a pharmacologist, born in Berlin to a Russian Jewish family, and her mother Pamela is an English biochemist. She has two sisters and a brother.[2] She was raised mostly in Baltimore, Maryland, with two years of her childhood in Britain.[1] Talalay attended Yale, where she majored in mathematics, graduating in 1980.[3][4] She also ran the Yale Film Society.[3]


Talalay has worked in a number of different capacities in filmmaking before making her directorial debut with the film Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991).[5] Talalay also worked on the first four A Nightmare on Elm Street films.[3] Her work with the earlier Nightmare films utilized her computer skills and finding ways to create better special effects while still keeping costs low.[3] Despite her familiarity with the Freddy movies, when she directed Freddy's Dead, she was given internal memos telling her not to be "too girly" or "too sensitive."[6]

Talalay also directed Tank Girl in 1995, and was looking into re-optioning the rights to make a new film in 2008.[7] As a film producer, Talalay worked with director John Waters on the films Hairspray (1988) and Cry-Baby (1990). She was also a production assistant on Waters' 1981 film Polyester.[8]

Talalay states that ever since Doctor Who was revived in 2005, she wanted to work on the show.[9] Talalay directed all three of Peter Capaldi's series finales: series 8's "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven",[10] series 9's "Heaven Sent" and "Hell Bent"—the former considered by many to be one of the best episodes in the show's 57-year history[11]— and series 10's "World Enough and Time" and "The Doctor Falls",[12] as well as the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special, "Twice Upon a Time".[13] In 2019, she directed a film adaption of Joe Ballarini's A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting for Netflix.[14]

Personal life[edit]

Talalay met British film producer Rupert Harvey while working on Android in 1982. They began a relationship soon after, and were married in 1990, with John Waters officiating the wedding.[4][15]



As director

As producer


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"Tainted Love (part one)" (3.05)
"Tainted Love (part one)" (3.06)
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Turkey Day Blues (1.08)
Who's Sorry Next? (1.12)
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"War Relief: Part 2" (2.04)
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"Prime Suspect"(3.15)
"Two's a Crowd" (4.03)
"Blowin' in the Wind" (5.09)
2000 Boston Public Episode: "Chapter Five" (1.05)
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"Mental Apparition Disorder" (1.02)
"A Blast From the Past" (1.05)
2001 That's Life Episode: Miracle at the Cucina (1.18)
State of Grace Episode: Eve of Discussion (1.07)
Wolf Lake Episode: Tastes Like Chicken (1.04)
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"Episode #1.1"
"Episode #1.2"
"Episode #1.3"
"Episode #1.4"
"Episode #1.5"
"Episode #1.6"
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Crossing Jordan Episode: "Four Fathers" (1.14)
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"Ego" (6.02)
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A Priori (2.07)
Castaways (3.17)
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A Tale of Two Wives TV movie
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2006 What About Brian
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2014 Reign Episode: "Sacrifice" (1.10)
The Dorm TV movie
2014–2017 Doctor Who Episodes:
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"Dark Water" (8.11)
"Death in Heaven" (8.12)
"Heaven Sent" (9.11)
"Hell Bent" (9.12)
"World Enough and Time" (10.11)
"The Doctor Falls" (10.12)
"Twice Upon a Time" (2017 Christmas Special)[16]
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