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Rachel de Queiroz on a 2011 Serbian stamp
Statue of Rachel de Queiroz in Fortaleza, capital of Ceará

Rachel de Queiroz (Brazilian Portuguese: [ʁaˈkɛw d(ʒ)i ˈkejˈɾɔs], November 17, 1910 – November 4, 2003) was a Brazilian author, translator and journalist.


Rachel was born on 17 November 1910 in Fortaleza, capital of the northeastern state of Ceará.[1] During her childhood, her family spent a couple of years in Rio de Janeiro and Belém before moving back to Fortaleza.[1]

She began her career in journalism in 1927 under the pen name "Rita de Queiroz".[1] She entered national spotlight with the unexpected success of her debut novel O Quinze in 1930.[1] She published other three novels before moving to Rio, in 1939.[2] She was also renowned for her crônicas, short topical newspaper pieces.

In 1964 she became Brazil's representative to the UN and in 1977 she became the first woman writer to enter the Academia Brasileira de Letras. She won the Camões Prize (1993) and the Prêmio Jabuti.

She died of heart attack in her apartment in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro on 4 November 2003, about two weeks before her 93rd birthday.[2]


Her novel O Quinze was made into a film in 2004.[3]



  • (1930) O Quinze
  • (1932) João Miguel
  • (1937) O caminho das pedras
  • (1939) As três Marias
  • (1950) O galo de ouro
  • (1992) Memorial de Maria Moura


  • (1953) Lampião
  • (1958) A Beata Maria do Egito

Collections of cronicas[edit]

  • (1963) O brasileiro perplexo
  • (1967) O caçador de tatu
  • (1976) As menininhas e outras crônicas


  • (1998) Tantos anos (co-authored with her sister, Maria Luíza)


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