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Racin and Rockin is an annual motorsports and music festival held at Springport Motor Speedway, located in Springport, Michigan each summer in celebration of true Americana; Short track motor racing, Rock-n-Roll and A Pig Roast.

The first Racin and Rockin was held in 2005 and is held annually. Racin & Rockin IV will be held this year on July 26, 2008. The Auto Racing portion of the festival will feature racing in the following classes: Modifieds, Sportsman, Ponies and Pures. The Music portion of the event will feature The Basement Dawgs.


Racin and Rockin was first held in 2005[1] as the highlight event of Calhoun County Speedway return to life after 3 years dormant. The brainchild of Matt Schindewolf; who is affectionally known as the Racing Hippie;[2] was attending the Michigan Short Track Racing Club annual charity bowl-a-thon and was impressed with the support and genorisity the racing fans were giving local Michigan Modified Racing Association racer Buck Harsen who had lost everything in a home fire that winter.[3] Matt who is the Director of Public Service[4] for the City of Brighton, Mi decided that local short track racing needed to give back to the fans who supported the sport he loved so much.

From the mouth of Mr. Schindewolf,

"I know when we are gigging and the crowd is enjoying us and the music is sounding sweet, I'm in seventh heaven.

I get off on the people enjoying the music and having a good time. The money invested is secondary to me, and getting paid for doing it is one of those, "You mean I get paid to have this much fun?" types of things. I get off on fronting the band and working to make sure everyone has fun.

I also enjoy (usually) doing what I do with Racin' and Rockin'. Similar to putting on a good show, I want and hope, that Racin' and Rockin' is indeed taken for what it is intended to be, nothing more than a fan appreciation night, and a driver/crew appreciation/mid summer night's worth of racing and fun and food. If it is enjoyed by everyone, then I am more than satisfied. As are those who help me put this event on, from those on the front line preparing the things for the event, from food to trophies, to contingency awards, to helping with the logisitics and set up and event day organization, to keeping track of the award money and making sure it gets to the right person, we are all working to make this one great night of fans, crews, drivers, track workers, promoters, and everyone else involved having fun and a good memory to recall when we are all too old to do this anymore.

Remember the genesis of R&R. I was complaining to Big Ed and the Governor about missing racing because of band practice. Big Ed told me I ought to hold band practice at the track, the Governor thought so too.

Next thing you know, R&R was born.[5]"

2005 : Racin and Rockin I[edit]

Racin and Rockin was held on July 9, 2005. The inaugural event drew a strong contingent of racers from all over Mid-Michigan each of whom were striving to become the first ever Racin and Rockin champion.[6] On the track, the race winners were; in the Modified race Bill Luckhurst of Ovid, Mi; in the Pony Stock race Kenny Clark of Grand Ledge, Mi; and in the Michigan Legends race Levi Rouster won the feature. [7] Off the track and after the race, the Basement Dawgs took to the stage to provide the live music while track owner Paul Zimmerman manned the BBQ.

2006 : Racin and Rockin II[edit]

Racin and Rockin II was held on July 8, 2006. The largest crowd of the season [6] turned out in force to participate in the event. On the track, the race winners were; in the Modified race Dick Mauer of Owosso, Mi; in the Sportsman race Walt Obrinski of Duck Lake, Mi; in the Pure Stock race Aaron Spearling of Otisville, Mi and in the Pony Stock race Brent McCort of Onondaga, Mi [8] Off the track and after the race, the Basement Dawgs took to the stage to provide the live music while track owner Paul Zimmerman manned the BBQ. Nearly 1000 fans joined the racers in the pits after the race to partake in the food, music and festivities. Most drivers stayed well into the night, showing off their cars and signing autographs. Many camped overnight, which started a tradition.

2007 : Racin and Rockin III[edit]

Racin and Rockin III was held on June 16, 2007. The track operating under new promotor[9] and former NASCAR driver Maurice Randall saw Racin and Rockin moved up into June. The cooler temperatures made for a more enjoyable evening of racing, music, food and fun.[10] A record crowd [11] was on hand to witness the event.

Top 5 Finishers[edit]

Year Class Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
2005 Modifieds Bill Luchurst Bill Engle Earl Miles Jason Parish Chris Ozanich
Pony Stocks Kenny Clark Scott Quaal Gerry Persails Kyle Trinklein Willie Conroy
Michigan Legends Levi Rouster Ryan Meldrum AJ Thompson Jerry Warden Krissy Kilbourn
2006 Modifieds Dick Maurer Phil Luckhurst Larry Wallace Chris Ozanich Dan Loughan
Street Stocks Walt Obrinski Pat Dent Harold Patrick Scott Sigman Corey Davis
Pure Stocks Aaron Spearling Wayne Parkhurst II Russell Potter IV Doug Patrick Bryan Passick Sr
Pony Stocks Brent McCort John Ward Kyle Callahan Harlan Oleski Joe Bates
2007 Modifieds Chris Ozanich Leroy Ellis Jason Parish Harry Foote Earl Miles
Super Late Models Harry Foote Jon McNett Evan Barrett Joseph Taylor John Dunivon
Sportsman Dan Lewis Jack Koone Damon Place Steve Oberst Jimmy Johnson
Pony Stock Jimmy Scavarda Thomas Conroy Darren Bohne Jerry LaFontaine Edson Rowley III