Racket Girls

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Racket Girls
Directed byRobert C. Dertano
Produced byGeorge Weiss
Written byRobert C. Dertano
StarringPeaches Page
Timothy Farrell
Clara Mortenson
Rita Martinez
CinematographyWilliam C. Thompson
Arena Productions
Distributed byScreen Classics
Release date
Running time
70 mins
CountryUnited States

Racket Girls (also called Blonde Pickup and Pin Down Girls) is an American film noir crime film, directed by Robert C. Dertano and released in 1951 by Screen Classics.


Umberto Scalli (Timothy Farrell) is a small-time gangster who acts as a manager for women's wrestling in order to cover his involvement in many crime rings, including racketeering, bookmaking, and prostitution. He must dodge both police investigations and the local mob, to which he owes $35,000.


Real life wrestlers Peaches Page and Rita Martinez, as well as former world champion Clara Mortensen, play fictional versions of themselves.

  • Peaches Page as Peaches Page
  • Timothy Farrell as Umberto Scalli
  • Clara Mortenson as Clara Mortensen, world champion
  • Rita Martínez as Rita Martinez, champion of Mexico
  • Muriel Gardner as Ruby McKenzie
  • Don Ferrara as Joe the Jockey
  • Matt Douglas as Ronnie, a mobster
  • Paul Merton as Monk, a book-keeper
  • Bruce Spencer as Eddie, a gangster
  • Tony Zarro as Lefty, a mobster
  • Mary Jean Walker as Jackie, a bookie
  • William Lamont as Senate investigator
  • Phil Bernard as Mr. Big, the gang leader
  • Jimmy Lennon Sr. as Jimmy Lennon
  • Phil Solomon as Phil Solomon, a referee


The film was produced by George Weiss and Arena Productions, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer-based company headed by Norman Felton.[1]

Derived works[edit]

The film was the subject of a 1994 episode of the sixth season of the movie-mocking show Mystery Science Theater 3000.[2]


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