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Dr. Radúz Činčera

Radúz Činčera (17 June 1923, Brno – 28 January 1999, Prague) was a Czech screenwriter and director, the conceiver of the legendary Kinoautomat.


Most of his life he worked in the Krátký film Praha (The Short Film of Prague) movie studio where he was author and director of a series of short documentary films.
Nevertheless, his most famous work is the Kinoautomat, the world's first interactive movie,[1][2] for the Czechoslovak Pavilion at Expo '67 in Montreal.[3]

Another big project of Radúz Činčera was The Sound Game Show at the Man and His World exhibition in Montreal in 1971. He also astonished the global audience with his audio-visual projects in Kobe, Japan and in Vancouver, British Columbia.
In the second half of the 1980s his multimedia music inscenation of the rock opera The Scroll was extremely successful in Canada.

Like so many Czech artists Radúz Činčera too was banned to direct films and act in public after the Russian takeover of Czechoslovakia in 1968.


Year Title Footage Notes
1954 Kvety Tatier short dramaturgic cooperation
1956 Prečo kvitnú short director
1964 Romeo a Julie 63 middle director
1966 Mlha (Documentary on Prague Divadlo Na zábradlí) short theme, screenplay, commentary
1966 Kinoautomat Člověk a jeho dům full-length theme
1966 Jak Sammy o kalhotky přišel short director
1968 Stroskotáme zajtra short commentary
1969 Documentary on the last moments of the comic duo Clow and Hamm, made to the 41. anniversary of the first sound film short director
1980 O dětech a slovech short director
1994 Hudební laboratoř TV series director


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