Radar Love

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"Radar Love"
Radar love.jpg
Single by Golden Earring
from the album Moontan
B-side "The Song Is Over" (UK) "Just Like Vince Taylor" (US)
Released 1973 (1973)
Recorded 1973 (1973) - Trident Studios, London
Length 6:21 (album version)
5:07 (single version)
3:44 (single edit)
Label Polydor (UK)
Track/MCA (US)
Writer(s) George Kooymans/Barry Hay
Producer(s) Golden Earring
Audio sample
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"Radar Love"
Single by White Lion
from the album Big Game
Released 1989
Recorded 1989
Genre Hard Rock
Length 5:58
Label Atlantic
Writer(s) George Kooymans/Barry Hay
White Lion singles chronology
"Little Fighter"
"Radar Love"
"Cry for Freedom"

"Radar Love" is a song by the Dutch rock band Golden Earring. The single version of "Radar Love" reached #10 on the Cash Box Top 100 and #13 in Billboard in the United States. It also hit the Top 10 in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Spain.


The song is written from the point of view of an automobile driver who drives to his lover ("baby") and communicates with her without physical means like telephone or letters. On his radio, he hears Brenda Lee's "Coming on Strong", and the newsman "singin' his same song".

Cover versions[edit]

The song has been covered by Tribe 8, Ministry, Omen, U2,[3] R.E.M., Ian Stuart Donaldson, Sun City Girls, White Lion, Blue Man Group, Def Leppard[citation needed], James Last, The NWOBHM band Aragorn, Nine Pound Hammer, Carlos Santana[citation needed], and The Pressure Boys. The White Lion version charted at #59 on The Billboard Hot 100.[4]

Goth-pop band Ghost Dance recorded a cover of the song on the B-side of their "Heart Full of Soul" single, itself a cover of the Yardbirds track.

The song was also covered by industrial metal band Ministry on the 2008 album Cover Up.

A pre-Mercyful Fate band featuring King Diamond on vocals recorded a cover of the song. It is featured on King Diamond & Black Rose 20 Years Ago.


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