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Radclyffe Macbeth Cadman (14 January 1924 – 11 October 2011) was a South African politician who represented the United Party as Member of the House of Assembly for Zululand between 1961 and 1977 and led its successor, the New Republic Party, in the 1977 election. The election saw the party lose 31 of its 41 seats, including his own between the predominant National Party and the growing Progressive Federal Party, which overtook its strength in Natal and, with 17 seats, the role as official opposition.

During World War II he served as a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Navy. After the war he completed a BA at the University of Cape Town. He was awarded a scholarship to Cambridge, reading law at Trinity Hall, qualifying as MA(Cantab) LL.B[1]

President P W Botha awarded Cadman the Order for Meritorious Service in 1987.[1]

Cadman was married to Natalie Randles in 1957 and they had 3 children. In 1984 he became the government’s administrator in Natal Province. He died on 11 October 2011 aged 87.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Stoffel Botha
Administrator of Natal Province
Succeeded by
Cornelius Botha