Radel Aqueduct

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Radel Aqueduct
Coordinates 43°21′45″N 1°46′31″E / 43.36260°N 1.77515°E / 43.36260; 1.77515Coordinates: 43°21′45″N 1°46′31″E / 43.36260°N 1.77515°E / 43.36260; 1.77515
Carries Canal du Midi
Crosses Ruisseau des Brougues
Locale Avignonet-Lauragais France
15.1 km WxNW of Castelnaudary, 21.6 km WxSW of Revel, 23.1 km ExSE of Département de la Haute-Garonne, 23.7 km E of Auterive
Piers in water 0

The Radel Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Radel) is one of several aqueducts on the Canal du Midi. In Avignonet-Lauragais France, it carries the canal over a small stream,[1] the Ruisseau des Brougues.

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