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Radès harbor
Radès harbor
Radès is located in Tunisia
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 36°46′N 10°17′E / 36.767°N 10.283°E / 36.767; 10.283
Country Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia
Governorate Ben Arous Governorate
Elevation 160 ft (50 m)
Population (2014)
 • Total 59,998
 • Ethnicities Arab
 • Religions Islam
Time zone CET (UTC1)
Postal code 2040

Radès (Arabic: رادس‎) is a harbour city in Ben Arous Governorate, Tunisia. Situated 9 kilometres south-east of the capital Tunis, some consider it a Tunis suburb, and parts of the harbour installations of Tunis are located in Radès.


The Tunisia national football team plays its matches there, at the 65,000 capacity National Stadium of Rades.

Rades is divided into subcities: Radès Medina, Radès Méliane, Rades Forêt, Chouchet Radès, El Malleha, Noubou and The Olympic city, Farhat Hached High School.


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Coordinates: 36°46′N 10°17′E / 36.767°N 10.283°E / 36.767; 10.283