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OriginLos Angeles
Years active1998 – 2006
LabelsRCA Records
Universal Records
MembersJonny Radford Mead, Chris Hower, Bobby Stefano and Kane McGee.

Radford is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed after lead singer and band nucleus Jonny Radford Mead, former frontman of bass-driven indie rockers Primary, emigrated from Oxford, England to Los Angeles; there he met guitarist Chris Hower, bassist Bobby Stefano and eventually settled on drummer Kane McGee and began touring with a full band. in 1998, the band signed with RCA Records, who released their self-titled debut in 2000. Two songs from this album found their way onto major soundtracks - "Fall At Your Feet" on the soundtrack for Teaching Mrs. Tingle, and "Stay" on the soundtracks for Clubland, Scary Movie, and Never Been Kissed. A third song, "Don't Stop", peaked at No. 32 on the Billboard Modern Rock charts in 2000.[1] The band toured nationally in support of bands such as Oasis, Lit, and Vertical Horizon.[2]

The band broke up for a short period between albums, and signed to a new label after their deal with RCA fell through during restructuring.[2][3] Radford's second album, Sleepwalker, was released in 2004 (The theme "Control" is part of the soundtrack of the movie "Night of the Living Dead 3D"), on Universal Records, but the album was not widely promoted and sold poorly. After another hiatus, Radford returned with an online-only EP, Black Out the Sun, in March 2006.[4]


Studio albums
  1. You've Got Friends
  2. Closer to Myself
  3. Don't Stop
  4. Fly
  5. Stand on the Moon
  6. Come On
  7. Overflow
  8. Over You
  9. Where Do You Go?
  10. Ash in My Life
  11. How Does It Feel?
  1. Therapy (I Don't Need You)
  2. Dead Heart
  3. Fake a Smile
  4. Easier
  5. Beautiful
  6. Control
  7. Out of the Dark
  8. Long Way Down
  9. Someone Somewhere
  10. Anything
  1. Stay With Me
  2. My Words
  3. Open Your Eyes
  4. Now It's Over
  5. Tonight You'll Blow It Again


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