Radha (Mahābhārata)

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Radha was the foster mother of Karna, one of the central characters in the Hindu epic the Mahābhārata. She is not connected with goddess Radha. She was the wife of Adhiratha, mentioned in Mahabharatha as a friend of Dhritharashtra. Kunti bore a son from Surya, the solar deity after accidentally invoking him but afraid of being an unwed mother she reluctantly abandoned the child. She placed the baby in a basket and set him afloat a river. The child later known as Karna was found and adopted by the couple. Adiratha and Radha became his foster parents. Karna is mostly called Radheya, meaning Radha's son'because of that and Vasushena in childhood'. Karna, once he knows from Krishna and Kunti about his birth secret, having done so much harm to his brothers Pandavas, was in no position to abandon Duryodhana.

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