Radha Govinda Baruah

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Radha Govinda Baruah
Born (1900-10-17)October 17, 1900
Died July 15, 1977(1977-07-15) (aged 76)
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian
Known for Eminent sports enthusiast and social worker from Assam. Started Assam Flying club. First Mayor of Guwahati. Started the Guwahati Tea Auction Center. The Nehru Stadium at Guwahati was built under his leadership. The entire Stadium Complex is now named R.G.Baruah Sports Complex. Played a key role during freedom struggle including ensuring that Assam and North East went to India during the partition.
Children Tulshi Govinda Baruah
Prafulla Govinda Baruah
Pradip Baruah
(L) Parul Phukan
(L) Bela Sarma
Renu Sarma
Beenu Sharma
Relatives Narendra Nath Phukan
Awards Honoured with a postage stamp.

Radha Govinda Baruah (Assamese: ৰাধাগোবিন্দ বৰুৱা) (17 October[1] 1900[1][2] – 15 July[3][4] 1977[2][3][4]) was the founder of The Assam Tribune, a group of news papers. Radha Govinda Baruah, an enterprising person in Dibrugrah, first conceived the idea of launching an English daily. With some help from his friends and well wishers, he brought out an English weekly newspaper instead of a daily on August 4, 1939 under the editorship of Lakshminath Phookan, former editorial staff of Hindustan Standard, a leading daily of Anand Bazar Group, Kolkata.[5] He founded the Assam Tribune in 1939.[6] He was a sports enthusiast,[2] who was president of the Assam Cricket Association for over a decade.[4] He is also noted for his contributions to the society and culture of Assam.[2][4][6] He is called "the architect of modern Assam"[2][7] for his being "instrumental in realising the educational needs" of the Assamese people.[7] Radha Govinda Baruah College (or R G Baruah College) in Guwahati is named after him. He is called the "Lion Man".[7] In 2000, he was honoured with a postage stamp, part of a series of "Great Leaders : Social and Political" along with Jaglal Choudhary, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, and Diwan Bahadur R. Srinivasan.[6]