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Radian Group Inc. (NYSERDN) is a credit enhancement company,[1] offering mortgage insurance, financial guaranty insurance for public finance, asset-backed and structured finance transactions, reinsurance and other financial services. Radian is the third-largest publicly traded mortgage insurer in the United States.

The company is headquartered at Five Penn Center in Philadelphia, with operations in New York City, London and Hong Kong.

It generates nearly one-third of its net income from non-mortgage insurance businesses.

The company's key executives are S.A. Ibrahim (chief executive officer of Radian Group), Rick Altman (Chief Admin Officer Admin/HR), David Beidler (President Radian Asset), Teresa Bryce (President MI Operations), Lawrence DelGatto (EVP Information Technology), Rick Gillespie (SVP MI Operations), Edward Hoffman (SVP Legal), Bob Quint (EVP Finance), James Sookiasian (SVP Admin/HR), and Scott Theobald (EVP Risk Management). The company has over 1,000 employees.


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