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Radiant Future Records
Radiant Future logo w drop shadow.jpg
Distributor(s)Ace Records, The Orchard
Country of originUnited Kingdom

Radiant Future Records is a British independent record label distributed by Ace Records, and home to one-time Sparks bassist Martin Gordon, Jet, Radio Stars, John's Children, the Blue Meanies and related artists. The label began operations in 2002 with the release of a live recording from Gordon's alumni Jet, Johns Children and Radio Stars, and releases one or two albums per year with a focus upon 'clever twisted pop which rocks', to quote Rolling Stone magazine.[1]

Recent releases include a live Radio Stars album from the 1970s and Gordon's six solo releases in the Mammal Trilogy series. The final installment 'Include Me Out' was released in 2013; an album of Gilbert and Sullivan material 'Gilbert Gordon & Sullivan' was released in 2016 on April Fool's Day. A new album 'Thanks For All the Fish' was released in March 2018.


Cat. no Title Artist Notes Year of release
RFVP001CD Music for the Herd of Herring Johns' Children, Jet & Radio Stars Live in 2000 2000
RF001B Companion Volume to 'God's On His Lunchbreak Martin Gordon / Chris Townson Book - lyrics to the 'God' album, full-colour illustrations to each song by Chris Townson 2005
RFVP001BOXCD The Mammal Trilogy box set Martin Gordon Limited edition box set of Parts I - III 2006
RFVP002CD Jet Jet Withdrawn 2001
RFVP003CD More Light Than Shade Jet Withdrawn 2001
RF004 Pop Sensibility Blue Meanies Download only 2007
RFVP005CD The Baboon in the Basement Martin Gordon First part of Mammal Trilogy 2003
RFVP006CD The Joy of More Hogwash Martin Gordon Second part of Mammal Trilogy 2004
RFVP007CD God's On His Lunchbreak Martin Gordon Third part of Mammal Trilogy 2005
RFVP008CD How Am I Doing So Far?(compilation) Martin Gordon Selected best-of Parts I - III with 4 bonus tracks 2006
RFVP009CD The World is Your Lobster Martin Gordon Fourth part of Mammal Trilogy 2007
RFVP010CD Something for the Weekend Radio Stars Live in 1977 2008
RFVP011CD Hello Boston! Martin Gordon Live in 2007; included with first 1000 copies of 'Something for the Weekend' then download only 2008
RF012 New Hope for the Dead Mira Download only 2008
RFVP013CD Time Gentlemen Please Martin Gordon Fifth part of Mammal Trilogy 2009
RF014 Time Gentlemen Please - Demos Martin Gordon Limited CD edition of 100 copies, then download only 2009
RF016 Include Me Out Martin Gordon Sixth and final part of Mammal Trilogy, limited CD edition of 70 copies then download only 2013
RF017 Exclude Me In Martin Gordon Include Me Out demos 2013
RF018 Words in Your Shell-Like Martin Gordon Book - all lyrics to all Gordon's songs 1974-2013 2013
RF019 Gilbert Gordon & Sullivan Martin Gordon Gilbert and Sullivan covers 2016
RF019-01SDL Modern Major General Martin Gordon Single release 2016
RF020S Dump the Trump! Martin Gordon Single release 2016
RF022S Idiots Martin Gordon Single release 2016
RF023-S God's Not Great Martin Gordon Single release 2018
RF023CD Thanks For All the Fish Martin Gordon First album of Post-Mammal Era 2018


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