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Radical 125 (U+2F7C)
(U+8001) "old"
Pinyin: lǎo
Bopomofo: ㄌㄠˇ
Gwoyeu Romatzyh: lao
Wade–Giles: lao3
Cantonese Yale: lóuh
Jyutping: lou5
Hiragana: ロウ rou (on)
おいる oiru
ふける fukeru
Kanji: 老 oi
Hangul: 늙을 neulgeul
Sino-Korean: 로 ro
Stroke order animation

Radical 125 meaning "old"[citation needed] is 1 of 29 Kangxi radicals (214 radicals total) composed of 6 strokes.

In the Kangxi Dictionary there are 22 characters (out of 49,030) to be found under this radical.

Characters with Radical 125[edit]

seal script character
strokes character
without additional strokes 老 耂 考
4 additional strokes 耄 者 耆
5 additional strokes 耇 耈 耉
6 additional strokes 耊 耋


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