Radical 17

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← 16 Radical 17 (U+2F10) 18 →
(U+51F5) "receptacle"
Cantonese Yale:hom1
Kana:うけばこ ukebako
Kanji:凵繞 kannyō
受け箱 ukebako
Hangul:입벌릴 ip beolril
Sino-Korean:감 gam
Stroke order animation

Radical 17 is one of 23 of the 214 Kangxi radicals that are composed of 2 strokes.

It does not occur as a character on its own. In combination, it historically takes meanings such as "open mouth", "box", "frame", "hole" or "receptacle". In contemporary use, it is the base radical of the following characters:

  • "bad, inauspicious"
  • "go out, send out"
  • "box"

Also derived from the radical are the Simplified Chinese characters "to hit" and "to paint", without any historical connection to the radical.

"deep, dark" is derived from radical 46, "mountain" 山 rather than radical 17.

As for the similar radicals 22 and 13 , the name of radical 17 is purely descriptive of its shape, 下三框 "lower three-sided frame".

Characters with Radical 17[edit]

strokes character
without additional strokes
2 additional strokes
3 additional strokes 凷 凸 凹 出 击
4 additional strokes
6 additional strokes
7 additional strokes
10 additional strokes


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