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Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement is a 2007 book by American journalist and Reason senior editor Brian Doherty.[1] It is about the history of libertarianism in the 20th century.[2] It traces the evolution of the movement, as well as the life stories of Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek, and Murray Rothbard, and details how they intertwined.

The book does not proceed strictly in chronological order, preferring instead to break up the action into short stories on central themes.[3] Doherty said he was inspired to write the book because "libertarian ideas and the people who advocated them in the 20th century deserve attention and credit."[4] It was reviewed in The New York Times, the City Journal, The San Diego Union-Tribune and The Washington Times.[5][6][7][8] The Guardian proclaimed it to be "the standard history of the libertarian movement for years to come".[9]


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