Radikal Bikers

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Radikal Bikers
Developer(s) Gaelco
Bit Managers (PlayStation)
Publisher(s) Gaelco
Atari Games (in the US)
SNK (in Japan)
Infogrames (home versions)
Platform(s) Arcade, PlayStation
  • EU: May 18, 1998
  • JP: May 18, 1998
  • NA: June 30, 1998
Genre(s) Racing game
Mode(s) Single player and Multi Player
Display Raster

Radikal Bikers is a racing arcade game developed by the Spanish company Gaelco in 1998, with also a conversion for PlayStation developed instead by Bit Managers. The spiritual successor to this game was Smashing Drive.


Radikal Bikers is set in a Mediterranean environment, and is based on delivering pizza on a rare Italian scooter called Italjet Dragster in heavy traffic before your AI opponent does, while getting points. It has three difficulty levels, which correspond to each of the different places: Capricciosa (medium, set in Rome), Margherita (easy, set in Milan) and Diabola (hard, set in Naples). If you beat all four races in a level, you get to play the next level free.


  • Win one race - +50000;
  • Get Power-up - +1000 each;
  • Power Kick destructions - +1000 each;
  • Grabbing an Extra Point Power-up - +3000 each.


  • Turbo - Indicated by the letter "T" gives the High Speed, which is incompatible with Power Kick;
  • Power Kick - Indicated by the "bomb" allows you to blow up cars by kicking them in the side for points, and is also incompatible with Turbo;
  • Extra Points - Indicated by the "$" gives a bonus of 3000 points;
  • Extra Time - Indicated by the "hourglass" gives +1 second of time;
  • The Joker - Indicated by the "?" gives a Random power-up or extra points, which is actually based on its position and the biker you choose.


On the Arcade version are:

  • Carlo - From "Paolo's Maniak Pizza";
  • Gino - From "Frenzy Mario Pizza", but is present in the PlayStation version with the new name Paolo;
  • Nina - From "Paolo's Maniak Pizza", but is present in the PlayStation version (under different clothes and complexion) with the name Mbelle;
  • Sofia - From "Frenzy Mario Pizza", she is also present in the PlayStation version of the game.

Finally, on the PlayStation version there are three new characters: Albert, Gus and Noodles.

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