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Radio 23
Radio 23.jpg
Broadcast area Worldwide
First air date April 23, 2009
Format Freeform[1]
Owner Cascade Community Radio, Inc Webcast[2]
Radio 23 Mirror

Radio23 was a non-commercial, freeform radio station[1] founded by Programming Director Jeff Hylton Simmons[3] and launched in 2009.[4] It was shut down in July 2015. The successor called Freeform Portland went on air in April 2016. Based out of Portland, Oregon, where it supported the local artists[5] and community,[1][6] the station's goal was to provide an international artistic platform for home broadcasters around the world,[7][8][9][10] and to teach anyone around the world how to create radio with a computer and an internet connection.[11] Radio23 is connected with radio stations that include Cascade Community Radio,[2][8][9][12] Hearth Music,[13] WFMU, KDVS, CKUT-FM, KZME, KBOO,[14] Error FM,[15] and Willamette Radio,[16] and also with the magazine War, Semen and Grooviness.[17]


Since its official launch in May 2009, Radio 23 covered many festivals; some of these include the Primavera Festival,[18][19] NYC's No Fun Fest,[20] PDX Pop Now!, Lockstock,[21] North Side Festival,[10] the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time-Based Art Festival,[22] and Eye & Ear Fest. Radio23's shows include Cinema Terrorisme,[23][24] Ola's Kool Kitchen[25][19][21][26] and Nine 11 Thesaurus.[6]


Radio23's programming included types of popular music that include rock, indie, jazz, folk, R&B, experimental music, and hip-hop. It also featured band interviews and live broadcasts.[8][9][18][27][28]

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