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Broadcast area Western Australia
Slogan The Local You Know
Frequency Various
First air date Early 90s
Format Adult Contemporary
Owner Southern Cross Austereo

RadioWest is a group of 11 AM stations across the Southern half of Western Australia playing 'Real Music Variety', and targeting the 35+ audience. It is currently owned by Southern Cross Austereo. Formed in the early 90s, It was once previously owned by DMG Radio. Most programming is local to each market with some network input from the RadioWest Network studios in Bunbury or Gold FM on the Gold Coast.

6TZ Bunbury, 6NA Narrogin and 6CI Collie (Now 6TZ/T 1134) formed the radio division of the Golden West Network until 1988.


  • 6TZ 963 kHz, 2kW Bunbury commenced 1939
  • 6CI 1134 kHz, 2kW Collie commenced 1947
  • 6TZ 756 kHz, 2kW Busselton commenced 1995
  • 6BY 900 kHz, 2kW Bridgetown commenced 1953
  • 6VA 783 kHz, 2kW Albany commenced 1956
  • 6WB 1071 kHz, 2kW Katanning commenced 1936
  • 6NA 918 kHz, 2kW Narrogin commenced 1951
  • 6AM 864 kHz, 2kW Northam commenced 1934
  • 6MD 1098 kHz, 2kW Merredin commenced 1941
  • 6KG 981 kHz, 2kW Kalgoorlie commenced 1931
  • 6SE 747 kHz, 5kW Esperance commenced 1982


Weekday lineup

  • 5.30-9am - Wake Up
  • 9-11am - Rural Focus (Except Bunbury and Kalgoorlie)
  • 9-10am - Goldfields Today (Kalgoorlie Only)
  • 9am-10am - Workdays with Carmela Contarino (Bunbury only)
  • 11am-1pm - Workdays with Carmela Contarino (All stations)
  • 2-4pm - Workdays with Dan Leach (All stations)
  • 4-7pm - Drive Home with Cliff Reeve (All Stations)
  • 7-9pm - Merrick and Australia (From Triple M Network)
  • 9-11pm - Real music variety
  • 11pm - 2am - Talking back the night with Christian Argenti

Saturday lineup

  • 7-8am - Best Things to Do
  • 8-10am - Dead Set Legends
  • 10am-9pm - Triple M AFL Coverage
  • 9pm- PartyMix

Sunday lineup

  • 8-10am - My Generation
  • 10am-4pm - Triple M AFL Coverage
  • 4-8pm - The Barbie
  • 8pm-12am - Talking Back The Night with Christian Argenti


Whilst Radiowest is the incumbent broadcaster along with sister station Hot FM in most smaller towns, Radiowest also has some competitors in larger centres playing a similar music format. This is seen as attractive to clients wanting advertise on both competing stations, usually with the same commercial being produced by one of the stations to avoid duplication.

Current Announcers[edit]

  • Cliff Reeve (6TZ, 6CI & 6BY: South West) - Wake Up
  • Suze McGill - Workdays
  • Carmela Contarino - Workdays
  • Dan Leach - Workdays
  • Anthony Tilli (6MD Merredin & 6AM Northam) - Wake Up
  • Vin Dawes - Rural Focus
  • Mark Foreman (Narrogin 6NA & Katanning 6WB)- Wake Up
  • Terry Siva - (6VA Albany) Wake Up

Past Announcers[edit]

  • Belinda Green (Cotton) (6AM, 6NA, 6KG, 6TZ and Hot FM Network) - Now at Mix 94.5 in Perth
  • Yohan Vales de Menezes (6SE Esperance)
  • Paul Cook (6MD Merredin/6TZ Bunbury/Network) - GM 6VA/HOT FM Albany
  • Paul De Santis (6SE Announcer, 6VA Announcer) - Deceased
  • Bruce Welsh (station manager 6NA, 6WB) Mining and Resources Company Director [1]
  • Chris Griffiths (Chris James) 6TZ Currently Eastside FM Sydney
  • Chris Allen (Station Manager 6BY, Announcer 6NA, 6WB, 6BY) Currently an international motorsports executive. [2]
  • Stephen Turner (Announcer, 6NA, 6WB) Currently an academic. [3]
  • Dave Nicholson (6WB Katanning & 6KG Kalgoorlie)- Now MD/Sales/Breakfast on Voicefm
  • Kevin Bloody Wilson (6KG Kalgoorlie) - Comedian
  • Peter Biliczka (6KG Kalgoorlie/6TZ/HOT FM Bunbury) - Now an E&I Technician with BHP Billiton
  • Darcy O'Bree (6KG Kalgoorlie, 6SE Esperance) - University of Hull, UK
  • John Willcocks (6SE Esperance, 6VA Albany)
  • Mark Girdwood (6SE Esperance) - Mark G Media
  • Victoria Brown (6SE Esperance) - Poet, writer, farmer
  • Noel Brunning (6TZ Bunbury) - GWN News Presenter
  • Matt East (6AM Northam, 6KG Kalgoorlie) - Al Jazeera English, Qatar
  • Justin Thomson (6SE Esperance)- Spirit Network
  • Richie Howlett (6BY Bridgetown, 6TZ Bunbury) - Small Businessman
  • Luke Winter (6TZ Bunbury)- Spirit Geraldton
  • Stephen Turner (6NA, 6WB, 6TZ) Announcer, Copywriter, Commercial producer
  • Des Shaw (6TZ Bunbury)
  • Pete Brown (6TZ Bunbury)- 666 Carnarvon
  • Rod Maldon (6TZ Bunbury/6BY Bridgetown)- Triple M Sydney
  • Darren de Mello (6TZ Bunbury/96FM) - 6IX Perth
  • Dave Kennedy (6KG Kalgoorlie)- Deceased
  • Darren Moss (6KG Kalgoorlie, 6TZ Bunbury) - CEO, Technology Companies in Australia and New Zealand
  • James O'Brien (6VA Albany, 6TZ Bunbury, Hot FM Network)- Formula One Events and Operations Manager at Evolution Sport UK
  • Warren Mead (6VA Albany) - Gold MX Albany
  • Chris Ilsley (6VA Albany, 6NA Narrogin, 6WB Katanning, 6AM Northam, 6GE/GGG FM Geraldton, 6TZ Bunbury) 6PR Perth
  • Daniel Smith (6VA Albany, 97.3 Coast FM Mandurah, 96fm, 92.9 Mix 94.5) - Retired from media
  • James Clothier (6SE Esperance, 6TZ Bunbury) - Mining industry
  • Ashley "Dillo" Dillon (6TZ Bunbury)- Now on Spirit 621 Southwest
  • Ashley Brokenshire (6WB Katanning)
  • Chelsea Gellard (6WB Katanning)
  • Jake Cole (6MD Merredin)
  • Brad 'Swanee' Swanville (6MD Merredin, Radio Fremantle 6CCR, RED FM 6RED, Kalamunda Radio 102.5FM 6KCR)
  • Aaron Jowitt (6WB Katanning) - Rebel FM, The Breeze Qld
  • Tim Lees (6NA Narrogin)
  • Geire Kami (Workdays with Geire - WA Network & Wheatbelt Focus - Wheatbelt Network)- Freelance
  • Amin "Nimsy" Azoor (6SE Esperance) - Now at Mixx FM Horsham (ACE Radio) & casual at Nova 100 Melbourne
  • Brendan Weselman (6MD Merredin, 6TZ Bunbury)
  • Danni Astbury née McCallum (Access All Areas/Wheatbelt Focus - Wheatbelt Network)
  • David Eckhart (6SE Esperance, 6MD Merredin, 6NA Narrogin, 6WB Katanning) - Now on Spirit 1026 Port Hedland
  • Jess Symons (6WB Katanning)
  • Olivia Garnett (6WB Katanning)- ABC Rural Reporter
  • Christie McCabe (6MD Merredin)
  • Gavin Crossley (6KG Kalgoorlie)- Max Fm, Taree
  • Paul Rands (6TZ Bunbury) - 2CA/2CC Canberra (Capital Radio Network), freelancing in production and voiceovers
  • Wayne Taylor (6TZ Bunbury)
  • Jamie "JT" Little (6VA Albany)
  • Kym Ferguson Cartright (6TZ Bunbury) - now freelancing between several stations in Brisbane
  • Jarred O'Brien (6TZ Bunbury)
  • Chris "Parso" Parsons (6NA Narrogin, 6WB Katanning, 6MD Merredin, 6AM Northam, 6TZ Bunbury)
  • Mic Brooke (6AM Northam)
  • Brad Shannon (6WB Katanning, 6NA Narrogin) Currently MD Greater Western Broadcasters.
  • Mark Pascoe (6MD Merredin) - 96FM Perth mornings
  • Mark Parton (6AM Northam) - Breakfast Announcer 2CC, Canberra.
  • Tim Corby (6KG Kalgoorlie) - Director of Opposite Lock Mandurah and Estuary Exhaust & Undercar.
  • Naomi Pearce (Nay) 6VA and 6TZ. Now in radio marketing Bunbury.
  • Colin Rowley (6TZ Bunbury)
  • Andy Huxton (Triple M / 2Day / MTV Australia. Now i98 Wollongong)