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Radio (2009 film).jpg
Directed by Ishan Trivedi
Produced by Ravi Agrawal
Starring Himesh Reshammiya
Sonal Sehgal
Shenaz Treasurywala
Zakir Hussain
Rajesh Khattar
Paresh Rawal
Music by Himesh Reshammiya
Cinematography Attar Singh Saini
Distributed by T-Series
Release dates
  • 3 December 2009 (2009-12-03)
Running time
105 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Radio is a 2009 Hindi language Bollywood film starring Himesh Reshammiya, Shenaz Treasurywala and Sonal Sehgal in the lead roles. The film is directed by Isshaan Trivedi. Himesh Reshammiya's compositions for the film were much praised, and topped the musical charts. The movie was released on 3 December. Himesh Reshammiya has received praise for his portrayal of Vivan Shah.


Vivan (Himesh Reshammiya) is a successful RJ on a popular radio channel in the city of Mumbai. He has acquired everything in life but his marriage is unsuccessful.Eventhough he was not of taking a divorce,his wife pooja(Sonal Sehgal) takes divorce from him, the reason cited are lack of compatibility between the two. In their hearts Vivan and Pooja don't want the divorce but the fast pace of life and busy schedules interfere with her emotional balance.It may not be wrong if you can suspect pooja to be a semi-crack.

Enters Shanaya (Shenaz Treasurywala), who is like a ray of sunshine in Vivan's insipid life. But initially he doesn't realize that Shanaya brings a smile to his face. Pooja at this jencture wants a return to his life.She wants him back.She shows signs of returning.But he blatantly discusses Shanaya with Pooja, but being a woman, she can see his love for Shanaya. She becomes the catalyst to bring this realization that his true love is Shanaya. Why has he closed his eyes? His attitude and response towards Shanaya go through a sea of change. Vivan reciprocates and tries to get close to her family too. Although Pooja still has a soft spot for Vivan and cares for him she realises that he wants to spend his life with Shanaya.

Who will be eventually reign on his heart? Will he take the step to make his vows with Shanaya?


Box Office reception[edit]

The film released on 3 December 2009. The release clashed with Amitabh Bachchan's home production, Paa and it had a bad reception at the box office. The producer were unperturbed by this as the film had recovered its production costs from music sales and satellite rights.

Critical reception[edit]

Though the film was panned by many critics, Himesh Reshammiya got good reviews for his acting.

Taran Adarsh wrote," Himesh has grown as an actor that reflects in certain difficult moments of the film."

Nikhat Kazmi of Times of India wrote, "Himesh Reshammiya tries to reinvent himself. Himesh as Vivan, does seem to have found a better groove. In fact, this new clean, casual avatar of his does seem to work".

Minty Tejpal of Mumbai Mirror wrote, "There is a comfortable small town air about him, refreshing in these slick cool dude days."

Joginder Tuteja wrote, " One can clearly sense that Himesh has made a sincere effort to stand tall as a leading man in a non-masala film like "Radio". He cannot be written off yet and has it in him to do more movies provided he gets a better platform."

Tushar Joshi of wrote,"As Vivan, he excels the most in the light, comic scenes. He has a flair for comedy which he needs to develop. The scene where Himesh has to express his love to Shenaz provides a dramatic moment."

Amod Mehra, a famous trade analyst wrote,"Himesh proves that he is a very competent actor."

Jeeturaaj of Radio Mirchi 98.3FM wrote,"Himesh grows 3 fold! Better Singer,Actor & a fantastic composer."


  • The song, Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasmaan was the most successful song of Radio,it was a beautiful love ballad sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Himesh Reshammiya.
  • The song, Shaam Ho Chali Hai performed by Himesh and Shreya Ghoshal was not included in the film.
  • The remix version of song Piya Jaise Ladoo is included in the film, but not in the original soundtrack.
  • The video of song Jaaneman is partly inspired from Ronan Keating's music video When you say nothing at all.
  • This is one of the very few Indian films, which is divided to 15 chapters, varying from linear and non-linear narration at various sequences.


The music of the film opened to positive reviews, with giving it 4 stars out of 5. The album features couple of songs performed by musicians like Kailash Kher, Rekha Bhardwaj. The songs went on to become big hits, especially Mann Ka Radio, Teri Meri dosti Ka Aasman and Rafa Dafa Kiya Nahin Jaaye. The song Koi Na Koi Chahe was a slow song but went on to become a mainstream hit among the night audience of every radio station being a very soft ballad.

Studio album by Himesh Reshammiya
Released August, 2009
Genre Film soundtrack
Length 56:29
Label T-Series
Producer Ravi Agarwal
Himesh Reshammiya chronology
Milenge Milenge

Track list[edit]

Song Singer(s) Duration
"Mann Ka Radio" Himesh Reshammiya 4.22
"Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio" Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi 4.48
"Janeman" Himesh Reshammiya & Shreya Ghoshal 4.04
"Piya Jaise Ladoo Motichur Wale" Himesh Reshammiya & Rekha Bhardwaj 5.34
"Damadji Angana Hai Padhare" Himesh Reshammiya & Kailash Kher 6.31
"Koi Na Koi Chahe" Himesh Reshammiya & Shreya Ghoshal 4.20
"Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasman " Himesh Reshammiya & Shreya Ghoshal 5.44
"Shaam Ho Chali Hai" Himesh Reshammiya & Shreya Ghoshal 4.21
"Rafa Dafa Kiya Nahin Jaaye" Himesh Reshammiya 2.53

Three remixes are also included in the album.

  1. Mann Ka Radio
  2. Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio
  3. Piya Jaise Ladoo Motichur Wale

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