Radio Active (TV series)

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Radio Active
Created byBased on Radio Enfer, created by François Jobin and Louis Saia
Written byTerence Bowman
Paul Paré
Bernard Deniger
Heidi Foss
Shane Simmons
Jennifer Seguin
StarringGiancarlo Caltabiano
Lucinda Davis
Melissa Galianos
Vik Sahay (1998–1999)
Michael Yarmush (1998–1999)
Vanessa Lengies
Susan Glover
Andrew Walker (1999–2001)
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes78
Running time30 min. (with commercials)
Production company(s)Ciné Télé Action Inc.
Original networkYTV
Audio formatStereo
Original release1998 – 2001

Radio Active was a Canadian television program broadcast on YTV, based on the Quebec French series Radio Enfer, about group of students at Upper Redwood High managing their own school radio station, called Radio Active.

Radio Active had a total of 78 episodes and three seasons dating from 1998–2001.


Radio Active follows a group of students at Upper Redwood High who have a radio show. Chaos follows as the group try to work together and watching out for the sneaky Ms. Noelle Atoll who always believes they're up to something.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

  • George S. Goodwin III (Giancarlo Caltabiano): Known to like Normal Man comics and speaks fondly of his uncle. Though not exactly the most intelligent member of the group, his eccentricity adds variety to the school's radio broadcasts. He has a distinct hairstyle, consisting of many bleached-blond spikes which have been shown to be sharp and hard enough to pierce apples.
  • Tanya Panda (Lucinda Davis): Tanya is quiet and enjoys reading horoscopes. She often tries to make peace among the group. She and Morgan are best friends.
  • Morgan Leigh (Melissa Galianos): Morgan is the productive, witty and reliable one in the group. She strives to get perfect grades and frequently clashes with Kevin, Roger, and Blair.
  • Kevin Calvin (Vik Sahay): The captain of the hockey team and all around average jock. He has a big ego and speaks often of the babes of Upper Redwood High. Kevin is frequently the target of Ms Atoll's ire.
  • Ethan St. John (Michael Yarmush): Ethan fears Miss Atoll and frequently sucks up to her. He admires Kevin's ability to attract girls and appears to have a slight crush on Morgan.
  • Angus B. Noseworthy (Robert Higden): The Vice Principal in charge of discipline, however is laid back and has no self-discipline. He often begins a speech with "I remember when I was your age,...". He and Ms. Atoll attended Upper Redwood as students when they were still in high school.
  • Noelle Atoll (Susan Glover): The supervising teacher in charge of Radio Active, whom the group dislikes. Ms. Atoll is an English teacher and tends to hand out multiple detentions for those who work at Radio Active.
  • Sarah Leigh (Vanessa Lengies): Morgan's little sister, who constantly annoys and interrupts the group. Mostly noted for her mail delivery on roller blades.
  • Roger Richards (Ryan Wilner) (1999–2001): Roger is one of, if not the most, intelligent of the group. He always gets good marks and is known to suck up to Ms. Atoll. However, he is notably uncool and can be somewhat self-centred.
  • Blair Resnicky (Andrew Walker) (1999–2001): An athletic, arrogant, dim-witted new student who joins Radio Active. He is quite popular with the girls at Upper Redwood and his macho attitude frequently clashes with Morgan.

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