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Radio Television Afghanistan
Type Broadcast radio, television and online
Availability National
Owner Government of Afghanistan
Launch date
1925 (radio)
1974 (television)
Official website

Radio Television Afghanistan (often known as 'Millie' in Afghanistan) is an Afghan broadcasting organization. This governmental organ has a national TV station, RTA (which carries the same name as the organization). It also has one radio station, Radio Afghanistan.

It used to have a second channel called Afghanistan National Television (ANTV), which was merged with RTA in 2010.

Radio Afghanistan started with Radio Kabul in 1925 (1304 by the Iranian calendar), during the era of King Amanullah Khan, two radio transmitters with the capacity of 400 watt were procured from the German company of Telefunken, one of those has been installed on Koti Londoni near the bridge of Artel[citation needed] which subsequently started to its operation and the second one had been transferred to Kandahar which on that period the musical programs and news were only being broadcast for few hours.

Radio Television Afghanistan has a number of provincial sub-stations which operate radio services, and in some provinces, basic television at a provincial level. They broadcast material produced at provincial level, interspersed with news bulletins distributed by the Kabul-based news desk. These stations are usually closely affiliated with the Provincial Governors' Offices. Broadcast content includes high volumes of government messaging'


RTA TV in other provinces of Afghanistan:

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