Radio Arvyla

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Radio Arvyla
Radio arvyla.jpg
GenreSatirical Talk-Show
Created byAntonis Kanakis
Directed byAntonis Kanakis
Presented byAntonis Kanakis
Giannis Servetas
Stathis Panagiotopoulos
Christos Kiousis
Opening theme"Sugar Baby Love"
by The Rubettes [1]
Country of originGreece
Original language(s)Greek
No. of seasons11
Running time90 minutes
Original networkANT1
Picture format576i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release14 April 2008 – 4 June 2018
Preceded byA.M.A.N.
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Radio Arvyla (Greek: Ράδιο Αρβύλα) is a Greek live panel show, filmed in Thessaloniki and airing on ANT1.[2] It first aired on April 2008. It is hosted by Antonis Kanakis, Giannis Servetas, Stathis Panagiotopoulos and Christos Kiousis. It mainly criticizes the political life and what prevails in the modern social life through parodies,videos, comedy Sketches and jokes. As of 2016-17 season, it airs every other Monday, from 23.15 to 00.30, although it used to air from 18.00 to 19.00 during the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons.The first episode of season 4 aired on 11 October 2010.[3][4] All episodes from Season 3 and on are available online on the official website of ANT1.[5][6][7][8].


The show begins with the segment "The bad joke of the day," where Stathis Panagiotopoulos tells a joke that is considered "cold". Afterwards, the "Top of the week" ("Top επικαιρότητας") segment begins, where videos from various events that occurred are shown, categorized into (usually 25) numbers, for which there are satirical videos (comic skits, parodies etc.) that make fun of the original videos that were presented earlier. At the end of every episode, there is live music from (usually) new and up-and-coming bands. Internationally famous acts have also appeared, like The Zombies and Tim Booth.

Until the 6th season, Evgenia Samara or Christina Moustaka would be presenting funny videos found online or created by fans of the show, after the end of "Top of the week".

Starting with the 7th season, in which only one episode was airing per week, sketches have been incorporated into the format of the show. Besides the hosts, Kostas, the floor manager, and Stathis, a cameraman, make usual appearances in those sketches. Kostas (referred to as Kostakis) and Stathis (referred to as Pasoktsis) have been a part of some of the show's inside jokes for a while.

An invaluable and much loved member of the group was Sardela, Stathis' dog. She would come along to every taping and could be seen walking around the set. She passed away after the end of season 8. The hosts paid tribute to her on the first episode of season 9.


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 54 14 April 2008 27 June 2008
2 45 6 October 2008 10 June 2009
3 141 5 October 2009 3 June 2010
4 99 11 October 2010 8 June 2011
5 90 24 October 2011 30 May 2012
6 66 29 October 2012 4 June 2013
7 26 11 November 2013 2 June 2014
8 24 17 November 2014 8 June 2015
9 24 23 November 2015 6 June 2016
10 15 21 November 2016 5 June 2017
11 22(+1) 27 November 2017 4 June 2018


A lot of "conservatives" like Kostas Prekas have criticised the show for "crossing the line", stating that "...they are making fun of everybody, they are pricks. This show must end.". The hosts have largely not paid attention to such statements, opting instead to make fun of them through their videos.

The show still remains one of the most popular shows on Greek television, especially among younger audiences.


"Radio Arvyla" is a Greek idiom that means "false rumor". Literally it means "Army-boot Radio".