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Coordinates: 53°24′39″N 2°53′55″W / 53.4108°N 2.8987°W / 53.4108; -2.8987

Radio Broadgreen
Broadcast areaBroadgreen Hospital
FrequencyClosed Circuit System/Streaming on line
First air date19 October 1983
FormatHospital Radio

Radio Broadgreen is the only hospital radio station currently broadcasting in Liverpool, England. It is based within Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool, England. This Wikipedia page has been edited down due to the publication of a "book" called "Radio Broadgreen". The "book" is based on Wikipedia information only. Neither LHBS nor Radio Broadgreen have produced such a book, nor do they have any connection with the publishes. More detailed information about Radio Broadgreen can be found at the website

How It Began[edit]

Radio Newsham[edit]

Radio Broadgreen actually began at Radio Newsham in the early 1980s. Radio Newsham was approached by the administration of Broadgreen Hospital to set up and operate a service for the patients at the Broadgreen site.

The new hospital radio station at Broadgreen Hospital was given the go-ahead and broadcasts began in October 1983.

The Grand Opening[edit]

The official Radio Broadgreen opening took place on 19 October 1983 with the Lord Lieutenant A.E. Stoddart.

Liverpool Hospitals Broadcasting Service[edit]

When the opportunity arose to broadcast from both sites, Radio Newsham was renamed to Liverpool Hospital Broadcasting Service to reflect the fact that Liverpool Hospital Broadcasting Service had 2 stations broadcasting under its wing.

Initially, programmes were produced at both stations with some presenters doing one show a week at each hospital.

Both of these hospital radio stations broadcast in harmony until 1988 when a dwindling patient population and the need to cut costs left the Liverpool Area Health Authority with no option but to close down Newsham General Hospital and with it Radio Newsham.

That left Radio Broadgreen as the new base of the Liverpool Hospital Broadcasting Service.

Radio Broadgreen's Permanent Base[edit]

In 1997, after 13 years of broadcasting within the hospital building itself, the old caretakers lodge house within Broadgreen Hospital was given to Radio Broadgreen for the station to use as its permanent base. To this day, Radio Broadgreen is still broadcasting live from the old caretakers lodge house.

Shows Broadcast[edit]

Each day, Radio Broadgreen broadcast live shows dedicated to every type of music. These include specialist country music shows; 50's, 60's and 70's shows; folk music, rock music, pop music shows and every day they broadcast any requests received as well as live commentaries of Everton FC and Liverpool FC home fixtures.

A live stream of programme output (except during live sports commentary) is available to listen to via their website.


With Radio Broadgreen being a registered charity, they rely on donations to keep themselves afloat.

These events range from bag packing events to sponsorship deals for adverts or shows by local companies.


  • "The Best Tonic for Liverpool"


Radio Broadgreen is staffed wholly by volunteers who spend a minimum of 2 hours a week producing/presenting their own shows. All staff also spend time around the hospital gathering requests and interacting with the patients of the hospital that receive the hospital radio service.

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