Radio Club Argentino

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Radio Club Argentino
Radio Club Argentino logo.png
Abbreviation RCA
Formation October 21, 1921[1]
Type Non-profit organization
Purpose Advocacy, Education
Region served
Official language
Carlos E. Beviglia LU1BCE
Affiliations International Amateur Radio Union

The Radio Club Argentino (RCA) (in English, literally Radio Club of Argentina) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in Argentina. RCA was founded in Buenos Aires on October 21, 1921.[1] Key membership benefits in the organization include the use of a QSL bureau for those amateur radio operators in regular contact with amateur radio operators in other countries, a group insurance policy, and a quarterly membership journal called Revista del Radio Club Argentino. The Radio Club Argentino represents the interests of Argentine amateur radio operators before Argentine and international regulatory authorities. It is also the national member society representing Argentina in the International Amateur Radio Union.[2]

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