Radio Club Peruano

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Radio Club Peruano
Radio Club of Peru
Radio Club Peruano logo.png
FormationDecember 6, 1930[1]
TypeNon-profit organization
PurposeAdvocacy, Education
Region served
Official language
Oscar Pancorvo Romero OA4AMN
AffiliationsInternational Amateur Radio Union

The Radio Club Peruano (RCP) (in English, literally Radio Club of Peru) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in Peru. RCP was founded on December 6, 1930 and the first General Meeting of the organization was held in the halls of the Library of the Geographical Society in Lima, Peru in January, 1931.[1] The RCP operates a QSL bureau for those amateur radio operators in regular contact with amateur radio operators in other countries, and supports amateur radio operating awards and radio contests. Radio Club Peruano represents the interests of Peruvian amateur radio operators before national and international regulatory authorities.[2] RCP is the national member society representing Peru in the International Amateur Radio Union.[3]

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