Radio Contact

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Radio Contact
Studio album by Acoustic Alchemy
Released June 24, 2003
Recorded 2003 at:
Hansa Haus Studios, Bonn, Germany
Green Nun Studios, Brighton, UK
Genre Smooth Jazz
Length 60:02
Label Higher Octave Music
Producer Maria Ehrenreich
Greg Carmichael
Miles Gilderdale
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Radio Contact
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Radio Contact is the thirteenth album by Acoustic Alchemy.

Comprising thirteen tracks, led off by single "No Messin'", the album features input from fellow guitarist Chuck Loeb on two tracks.

The album is also the band's first to contain a full vocal track, "Little Laughter", performed by Jo Harrop.

The track "Ya Tebya Lubliu" was so named after the Russian phrase for "I Love You" perhaps as a tribute to Charles Bronson's character in the Great Escape.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Duration
1 "No Messin'" Carmichael/Gilderdale 5:36
2 "Milo" Carmichael/Gilderdale/White 4:49
3 "Shelter Island Drive" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Norton 5:55
4 "Urban Cowboy" Carmichael/Gilderdale 4:07
5 "El Camino Del Corazon" Carmichael/Gilderdale 5:11
6 "Little Laughter" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Harrop/Russel/Walling 5:42
7 "Tinderbox" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Norton 4:15
8 "What Comes Around..." Carmichael/Gilderdale/White 4:29
9 "Coffee With Manni" Carmichael/Gilderdale 2:49
10 "Shoestring" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Norton 5:21
11 "Turn The Stars On" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Norton 4:34
12 "Ya Tebya Lubliu" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Norton 3:01
13 "Venus Morena" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Coldrick/Felix 4:13


  1. "No Messin'"