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Radio Disney
TypeRadio network
AvailabilityInternational (Except Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, & Venezuela)
HeadquartersOlivos, Argentina[1][2]
OwnerThe Walt Disney Company Latin America
(Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International)
Launch date
2001 (Argentina)[2]
Affiliates17 (Full-time)
Official website
Official website (Generic)
Radio Disney Brazil

Radio Disney Latin America is a Pop music and Rock music network owned by The Walt Disney Company, which is broadcast in several countries in Latin America. The station is aimed primarily at youth and adolescents.


Radio Disney is available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico,[3] Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.


Frequency Location HD Radio
94.3 Buenos Aires, Argentina Green tickY
91.3 (only in summer) Pinamar, Argentina[4] Red XN
96.5 San Lorenzo, Paraguay Green tickY
97.3 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Green tickY
101.1 San José, Costa Rica Green tickY
92.9 Guatemala City, Guatemala[5] Green tickY
93.7 Guayaquil, Ecuador[6] Green tickY
93.7 Santa Elena, Ecuador[6] Green tickY
98.3 Cuenca, Ecuador[6] Green tickY
100.7 Managua, Nicaragua Green tickY
104.9 Santiago, Chile[7] Green tickY
102.1 Viña Del Mar, Chile[7] Green tickY
101.5 Panama City, Panama Green tickY
91.3 São Paulo, Brazil Green tickY
91.9 Montevideo, Uruguay[2] Green tickY
102.5 La Paz, Bolivia[8] Green tickY
98.7 Santa Cruz, Bolivia[8] Red XN
107.5 Cochabamba, Bolivia Red XN
99.3 Greater Mexico City, Mexico[3] Green tickY
91.1 Lima, Perú[9] Green tickY


  • "Aquí está tu música" (former) ("Here is your music")
  • "Escucha eso que quieres sentir" (2008–present) ("Hear what you wanna feel")
  • "A rádio que te Ouve" (Brazil) (2010–present) ("The radio that listens to you")
  • "La radio que te escucha" (Mexico) (October 9, 2013) ("The radio that listens to you")[3]


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