Radio Fun

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Radio Fun
Radio Fun 1958 annual
Publication information
Publisher Amalgamated Press
Publication date(s) 15 October 1938 - 18 February 1961
No. of issues 1167

Radio Fun was a British celebrity comics comic paper that ran from (issues dates) 15 October 1938 to 18 February 1961, when it became the first out of twelve titles to merge with Buster. By this time it had been renamed to Radio Fun and Adventure.[1] The comic strips included the uncredited work of industry regulars such as Roy Wilson and George and Reg Parlett. The format of the humorous strips was to pack in as many gags and slapstick situations as possible.[2] The comic mainly featured comic strip versions of radio and film stars, including:

Wonder merged with it in 1953.

Radio Fun ran for 1167 issues.


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