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Radio Goethe is an American weekly radio program played live over KUSF, owned by the University of San Francisco, in San Francisco, California.


Arndt Peltner hosts Radio Goethe every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. (Pacific time), and can be heard over the internet at KUSF's website. The show is a German-interest show geared toward an English-speaking audience and generally has two parts. The first is Radio Goethe magazine which is generally a news-style program that often includes interviews and news of German interest. The second, longer show features music from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the majority of the songs in the German language and the rest being mostly in English. Most of the music can be classified as rock, electronic and experimental and gives a broad overview of modern music from the German-speaking world.

Radio Goethe has been known to do special features such as a show devoted to the 2006 FIFA World Cup where different host cities were presented.

Peltner lives in San Francisco and is a native of Germany.


Pre-made hour-long selections are played over the following stations:

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