Radio Guangdong

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Radio Guangdong
Industry Radio broadcasting, Newspaper
Founded 1949
Headquarters 686 Rd. Renmin North, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, People's Republic of China
Key people
Bai Ling (白玲)
Products News, Entertainment, Music
Radio Guangdong
Traditional Chinese 廣東電台
Simplified Chinese 广东电台

Radio Guangdong (simplified Chinese: 广东电台; traditional Chinese: 廣東電台; pinyin: Guăngdōng Diàntái) is a public broadcasting organization in Guangdong. Radio Guangdong has nine branch radio channels and two newspapers in Guangdong. Radio Guangdong is headed by Leader Bai Ling (白玲).


Radio Guangdong used to be Radio Canton, a radio station in Canton, the capital city of Guangdong Province. It first broadcast on October 18, 1949 and was renamed "Radio Guangdong" on February 16, 1950.

Radio Guangdong was also the first radio station among Chinese Radio Industry to set up an Internet website which was started on December 15, 1996.

Radio channels[edit]

Channel Name Modulation Frequency Main Languages
Radio Guangdong News Station
[formerly Satellite Radio Guangdong
648 kHz
91.4 MHz
Southern Life Radio
FM 93.6 MHz Mandarin and Cantonese
Radio Guangdong Stock Market
927 kHz
95.3 MHz
Mandarin and Cantonese
Pearl Radio
1062 kHz
97.4, 103.0 MHz
Mandarin and Cantonese
Music FM Radio Guangdong
FM 93.9, 99.3 MHz Mandarin and Cantonese
Radio Guangdong Voice of the City
FM 103.6 MHz Mandarin and Cantonese
Guangzhou Traffic News
FM 105.2 MHz Mandarin and Cantonese
Radio Guangdong Voice of Guangdong
FM 105.7 MHz Mandarin and Cantonese
Radio Guangdong Wenti Guangbo
FM 107.6 MHz Mandarin and Cantonese


  • Sheng Bao (声报, lit. voice paper, former 广东广播报, lit. Guangdong Broadcast News)
  • Gushi Kuaibao (股市快报, lit. Stock Market News)

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