Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin

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Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin
JXL Broadcast from computer hell cabin.jpg
Studio album by Junkie XL
Released 2 June 2003
Genre Electronica, house, big beat, electronic rock
Label Roadrunner
Universal Records (Canada only)
Producer Junkie XL
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars link
Rolling Stone3/5 stars link

Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin is the third studio album by Dutch electronic music producer Junkie XL. Released in 2003, the double album features collaborations with a number of other artists. The songs on the first disc ("3PM") are generally short and vocally-driven much like modern pop, though many of them are more upbeat, with JXL relying on the more heavier electronic genres, including house. The second disc ("3AM") consists mostly of progressive house songs. Disc 1 is available in Australia as a single disc version with the same name as the double-disc version. On the CD it has "3PM". The cover artwork is the same as the double disc version. This single disc version of "3PM" is the British / European version, containing a total of 19 tracks, instead of the US release of 17 tracks. Two additional albums were released from the website, which has since been repurposed. These albums were entitled 7AM Ambient and 7AM Dance.[1]

Track listing[edit]

CD Version - 3AM & 3PM[edit]

Disc One[edit]

  1. "Intro 3PM"
  2. "Tennis"
  3. "Crusher" (featuring Saffron)
  4. "Don't Wake Up Policeman" (feat. Peter Tosh & Friends)
  5. "Reload" (feat. Dave Gahan)
  6. "Spirits" (feat. Saffron)
  7. "Angels" (feat. Gary Numan)
  8. "Perfect Blue Sky" (feat. Robert Smith)
  9. "Between These Walls" (feat. Anouk)
  10. "Access to the Excess" (feat. Chuck D)
  11. "Catch Up to My Step" (feat. Solomon Burke)
  12. "Never Alone" (feat. Terry Hall)
  13. "Configuring Audio System"
  14. "A Little Less Conversation" (vs. Elvis Presley)
  15. "Beauty Never Fades" (feat. Saffron)
  16. "Broken" (feat. Grant Nicholas)
  17. "JXL Radio Technical Support"

Disc Two[edit]

  1. "Intro 3AM"
  2. "Chilled"
  3. "Dubzilla"
  4. "Casio"
  5. "Angels" (12" Cut)
  6. "Breezer" (featuring. Sasha)
  7. "Nudge"
  8. "Red"
  9. "Beauty Never Fades" (12" Cut)
  10. "Cosmic Cure"
  11. "Rehsurc"

Note: These track lists refer to the US version. For the British or European version, see Discogs.[2]

Downloadable 7AM Albums[edit]

7AM - Ambient[edit]

  1. "Reload (7AM Remix)" (feat. Dave Gahan)[3]
  2. "Talk Tonight"
  3. "Streets"
  4. "Twilight"
  5. "Rivers" (feat. Shelley Harland)
  6. "Tommy Dub"
  7. "Sphere"
  8. "All I Want"
  9. "Mogwai" (feat. Paul Malone)

7AM - Dance[edit]

  1. "Tennis"
  2. "Electro"
  3. "Angels (7AM Surreal Mix)" (feat. Gary Numan)
  4. "Techno Ibiza"
  5. "Drubba Drub"
  6. "Destiny"
  7. "Egypt"
  8. "Heat"
  9. "Groovy"
  10. "See the Light"


  • Beauty Never Fades (12")
  • Breezer (12")
  • Catch Up to My Step (CDS)
  • Don't Wake Up Policeman (CDS)
  • Between These Walls (CDS)