Radio On

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Radio On
Radio On FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Christopher Petit
Starring David Beames
Cinematography Martin Schäfer
Release dates
Running time
104 minutes
Country United Kingdom
West Germany
Language English

Radio On is a 1979 film directed by Christopher Petit. It is a rare example of a British road movie, shot in black and white by Wim Wenders' assistant cameraman Martin Schäfer and featuring music from a number of new wave bands from the time, as well as established artists such as Kraftwerk, Devo and David Bowie.[1] It is a journey through late seventies Britain by way of a road trip from London to Bristol, with Robert a DJ (played by David Beames) attempting to investigate the suicide of his brother. David Beames's character is a disc jockey at a radio station based on the United Biscuits Network, which broadcast to factories owned by United Biscuits.



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