Radio România Muzical

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Radio România Muzical
Broadcast areaRomania (The following counties only: AG, BV, B, BZ, CL, CV, DB, GR, HR, IF, MS, OT, PH, TR, VL[1])
First air date24 March 1997
OwnerRomanian Radio Broadcasting Company
Sister stationsRRA, RRC, R3N, RAS, RRI

Radio România Muzical is the fourth public-funded radio station in Romania. It does not cover the whole area of the country.[1] It is the only Romanian radio station dedicated exclusively to jazz and classical music, and the first Romanian radio station of its kind to be broadcast online. The post broadcast music continuously, classic, jazz and more: symphonic, chamber music, operetta, choral music, folk, jazz, soundtracks. It broadcasts famous singers in recent recordings or archived concerts and brings news of both national and international events and also live broadcasts from famous concert halls in the world, where today's best ensembles perform on a regular basis.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

Radio Romania Muzical Programmes[edit]

  • info-bulletins about the most recent events in the Romanian and International music community
  • programmes of initiations, educations and musical esthetics[5][6][7]
  • programmes which promote young talents[7]
  • interviews with great Romanian and International cultural personalities
  • integrals of important composers and interpreters
  • interactive shows, where the listeners may intervene
  • portraits of composers and interpreters
  • live broadcasts from the Radio concert season and from all major national musical events
  • live broadcasts from the world's major musical institutions and recordings from the EBU archive
  • the Euroclassic Notturno programme, taken from the European Broadcasting Union, for 6 hours (from 1 AM to 7 AM), every night
  • entertaining shows
  • holidays specials
  • we broadcast the info bulletin from Radio Romania News


Online broadcast[edit]

You have access to the online live broadcast as well as alternative online stations.[1] The online live broadcast can be made via the six technical solutions put at your disposal by Radio Romania Music. In case you have a fast internet connection and wish to have a quality audio signal, it is recommend that you use the MP3 128 solution. In case you have a slow internet connection, choose of the AAC solutions. WMA is the perfect solution to listen via Windows Media Player – on a Windows PC or while being mobile, if you own a Smartphone with Windows mobile and a 3G connection.

The online alternative stations, the first one being Opera mia are available via Winamp and Windows Media Player.

DAB Broadcast – Terrestrial Digital Radio[edit]

Radio Romania Muzical can be listened to via digital radios, only in Bucharest, on 223.936 MHz (channel 12).


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