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Radio Saint Helena (call-sign: ZHH) was a local radio station serving the South Atlantic island of Saint Helena. The station had a range of about 100 km from the island on AM 1548 (194 meters).

The organisation which ran the service, St Helena News Media Services, also produced a weekly newspaper, the St Helena Herald. The offices were located at Broadway House, Jamestown, whilst the broadcasting was transmitted from St Paul's. The first broadcast was on Christmas Day 1967.

Radio St Helena also broadcast internationally on shortwave radio (ZHH-50, 11092.5 kHz) on one day a year. On this day, known as "Radio St. Helena Day", many of the radio station's regular presenters participated in this event, enjoying the experience of being heard all around the world.

In March 2012 St Helena News Media Services was dissolved. The final edition of the Herald was published on 9 March 2012. The company is replaced by the St Helena Broadcasting Corporation (SHBC) which will be funded by the government. It will also publish a weekly newspaper, and it will run three FM radio stations, one of which is to broadcast a relay of the BBC World Service. The privately owned station Saint FM declined to join the new enterprise.[1]

Radio St. Helena closed down at midnight on Christmas Day, 25 December 2012. Due to the earlier closure of Saint FM on 21 December, this left St. Helena with no broadcast radio until Saint FM was relaunched on 10 March 2013 as Saint FM Community Radio.


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