Radio Waves (Bob & Tom album)

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Radio Waves
Studio album by Bob & Tom
Released 2009
Genre Comedy
Label Friggemall Records, LLC
Producer Bob Kevoian, Tom Griswold, Dean Metcalf, Steve Allee
Bob & Tom chronology
As Big As a Hat
Radio Waves
Dead Air

Radio Waves is a comedy album by The Bob & Tom Show, which was not released to the general public but only to men and women serving overseas in the US military in October 2009. It is a single disc CD which represents original material recorded during the syndicated, daily radio show and with other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air. While it is not sold in stores, one can own a copy by piecing together the tracks from previous albums and making a compilation CD.

Track Listings[edit]

No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "The Astronaut Song" Bob Kevoian 2:01
2. "My Parents" Greg Warren 1:11
3. "Stand-Up Trucker" Floyd Tucker 3:52
4. "Cleminem" Tim Wilson 2:35
5. "The Summer Vacation Video" Ernie Furglar 3:27
6. "Guys Don't Talk" Brian Regan & Dennis Regan 2:47
7. "Ask a Guy Hanging Upside Down from a Ski Lift"   3:15
8. "The MILF Next Door" The BOB & TOM Band 3:40
9. "Joe Johnson Law Office"   4:02
10. "Digging Mr. Hahn" Greg Hahn 3:34
11. "Joe Theismann Takes Some Calls"   5:01
12. "18 Wheels on a Big Rig" Heywood Banks 1:45
13. "Powdered Water" Billy Mazing 1:46
14. "Mr. Obvious & The Deck"   5:30
15. "My Dad, the Practical Joker" Tommy Johnagin 3:10
16. "HydroChloroTan"   3:35
17. "Beating Food" Donnie Baker 1:53
18. "Ponzi Pizza"   2:58
19. "Bobby Bowden" Tim Wilson 3:29
20. "SuperDuper MatchUp"   3:39
21. "Presidential Dog Thought Reader"   2:46
22. "The Haunted Economy"   1:42
23. "The Thanksgiving Roast" Scott Dunn 4:39
Total length: 1:12:10