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Dubai is a media hub for the Middle East region and is home to many television and radio channels.

Dubai Television[edit]

There are a few terrestrial television channels but most people choose from the hundreds of regional channels on offer via satellite or cable.

Pay or subscription television in Dubai is available on cable via E-Vision (a division of Etisalat) or via satellite directly from the providers; OSN (Orbit Showtime Network), Star TV and ART. OSN provides a wide selection of English (primarily US, but also UK, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian) programming, subtitled in Arabic. Leading English shows and movies are primarily shown first and exclusively on OSN. Star TV also has some first-run programmes.

The main free to air English television channels are Dubai One, MBC 4, MBC Action, MBC 2, Physique TV and City 7 TV. Most shows are broadcast in English, with Arabic subtitles, with the exception of City 7 that does not subtitle their programming. Dubai One, MBC 4 and MBC Action show mostly well known US, and some UK series but will generally be six months or more behind the pay or subscription channels.

The main Free to air Hindi television Channel is Imagine Movies, it is the first Free to Air Hindi Channel from MENA region. The Frequency is also available in Du -91, Elife - 863, OSN, Oreedoo in Qatar.

  • Abu Dhabi TV, Arabic and in particular local series.
  • Dubai TV, a channel by the Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI). Arabic local and regional programming.
  • Dubai One, an English language general entertainment channel, available over the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Physique TV, Physique TV is the first and only 24-hour HD television channel in English & Arabic dedicated to fitness, healthy living, nutrition and action sport.
  • City 7 TV, an independent Dubai based, free-to-air, 100% English-language channel. Providing locally produced English News, Business and lifestyle programmes combined with International lifestyle, drama and comedy programmes. Available via satellite in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • MBC, a network of free-to-air English and Arabic stations broadcasting 24-hours from Dubai Media City and available via satellite across the Middle East and North Africa.
    - MBC Max is a channel for the latest Hollywood films, still new.
    - MBC 4 is an English channel with primarily US series targeted to women.
    - MBC Action is an English channel with primarily US action series, targeted to men.
    - MBC 2 is an English channel showing Western movies.
    - MBC 3 is a children's channel that is primarily Arabic with some limited English programming.
    - MBC 1 is an Arabic channel showcasing local and regional Arabic series and entertainment programmes.
    - Al-Arabiya is an Arabic-language news channel.

Dubai Radio[edit]

Dubai is well served by terrestrial radio (AM & FM) with a huge variety of stations broadcasting in the languages commonly spoken in the city; Arabic, English, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Filipino. The FM band is particularly crowded, with a new station every 2 or 3 MHz apart, some from neighbouring Emirates and countries in the Persian Gulf region.

General standards have improved greatly in the past few years and many stations are now at par with leading stations in major metropolitan cities in the world. However, the media in Dubai and the UAE is still heavily government regulated. Most stations, even those privately owned, are often still government controlled. In particular, all radio stations must cease normal broadcasting in the event of the death of a Sheikh or close relative of a Sheikh. This normally happens for a period of 3 days to a week, or more, depending on the standing of the deceased.[citation needed]

Dubai radio is the essential guide to surviving Dubai's hectic traffic with most stations placing importance on frequent traffic updates during the day, mostly from listeners.

Arabic radio[edit]

  • Abu Dhabi Radio (AM/FM)
  • Radio Hala 95.6FM
  • Al Rabia 107.8 FM - Channel 4 Radio Network
  • Al Emarat FM
  • Quran Kareem
  • Al Arabiya 99.0FM - Arabian Radio Network
  • Al Khaleejia 100.9FM - Arabian Radio Network
  • Al Rabia FM 107.8FM
  • Noor Dubai 93.9FM
  • Sawa 90.5FM
  • Star 92.4/99.9FM
  • radio 105.4
  • Sky News Arabia 90.3 FM

English radio[edit]

  • Radio 1 - Top 40/Dance/R&B; 104.1 FM (Dubai), 100.5 FM (Abu Dhabi)
  • Radio 2 - Classic Hits; 99.3 FM (Dubai) 106.0 FM (Abu Dhabi)
  • Channel 4 FM - Top 40; 104.8 FM Channel 4 Radio Network
  • Dubai 92 - Adult Contemporary; 92.0 FM Arabian Radio Network
  • Dubai Eye 103.8 - News, Talk & Sport; 103.8 FM Arabian Radio Network
  • Virgin Radio Dubai - Top 40; 104.4 FM Arabian Radio Network
  • Rock Radio 90.7 - The First Rock Radio station in the Persian Gulf.
  • Heart 107.1 : 90's Music
  • Pulse 95 Radio 95.0 : Acoustic, Talk, Tech - Sharjah's first English radio station.
  • 978 Dance - Dance/House/deephouse/electronic; 97.8 FM (Dubai), Shock ME

Japanese radio[edit]

  • Fuji FM 88.9 - Arabian Radio Network
  • 日本ドバイ Nippon Dubai 102.9 FM - Arabian Radio Networkaaasa

Spanish radio[edit]

  • El Monstro de Radio 92.9 FM

African radio[edit]

  • African FM 93.6 - Arabian Radio Network (Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Sharjah)

Hindi/Urdu radio[edit]

  • Kadak FM 88.8 FM - Dubai, Sharjah :
  • Kadak FM 97.3 FM - Abu Dhabi
  • Kadak FM 95.6 FM - Al Ain
  • Radio 4 - 89.1 FM No 1 for Hit Gaane - Channel 4 Media Networks
  • City 101.6 - Arabian Radio Network
  • Jio 100.3 FM
  • 102.4 Suno FM
  • 106.2 BIG FM Zee Entertainment

Chinese radio[edit]

  • Dubai Dragon - Digital only station - Arabian Radio Network

Malayalam Radio[edit]

  • FM 94.7 - Radio Asia - 'Flowers Group (now online broadcasting center known as Kerala FM)
  • FM 96.7 - Hit 96.7 - Arabian Radio Network
  • FM 99.6 - Club FM - Mathrubhumi Group
  • FM 101.3 - Gold FM - Channel 4 Radio Network
  • AM 1539 - Pravasi Bharathi
  • AM 1476 - Radio Asia
  • Closed
  • AM 657 - Asianet Radio
  • FM 96.2 - Radio Mango
  • FM 100.3 - RadioMe
  • AM 1152 - Voice of Kerala

Korean radio[edit]

케이팝 두바이 K-Pop Dubai 101.8 FM - Arabian Radio Network

French radio[edit]

  • Eiffel FM 102.5

Russian radio[edit]

Radio Optimist - Best Russian internet radio in UAE

Italian radio[edit]

  • Radio La Musica 90.3 FM - Arabian Radio Network (Dubai/Abu Dhabi)

Tamil radio[edit]

Filipino radio[edit]

German radio[edit]

  • Glückliche Musik Dubai 106.7 FM - Arabian Radio Network

Persian radio[edit]

  • Radio Shoma 93.4 - Arabian Radio Network

All FM stations[edit]

Frequency Station Transmission Site Genre Language Operator
87.6 MHz RAK Quran
87.9 MHz Abu Dhabi Classical FM Abu Dhabi Music English Abu Dhabi Media Company
88.2 MHz Quran Al Kareem Abu Dhabi Quran/Religious Arabic Abu Dhabi Media Company
88.8 MHz Kadak FM Dubai Music Hindi Abu Dhabi Media Company
89.1 MHz Radio 4 Ajman Indian Hits Hindi/Urdu Channel 4 Radio Network
89.4 MHz 89.4 Tamil FM Ras al-Khaimah Tamil Hits Tamil Aaren World Media & Advertising LLC
89.6 MHz
90.5 MHz Sky News Arabia
90.8 MHz
91.1 MHz Tag 91.1 Dubai OPM Filipino ARN - Arabian Radio Network
91.4 MHz DXB Quran Dubai Quran/Religious Arabic
92.0 MHz Dubai 92 Dubai Rock/Adult Contemporary English ARN - Arabian Radio Network
92.6 MHz Fujairah FM 92.6 Fujairah News Arabic Fujairah Media Network
93.0 MHz Dubai FM Radio 93 Dubai Music Arabic Dubai Media Incorporated
93.4 MHz Radio Shoma Dubai Music Persian ARN - Arabian Radio Network
93.9 MHz Noor Dubai FM Dubai Arabic Classic Hits Arabic Dubai Media Incorporated
94.4 MHz Sharjah Media Corporation Sharjah Religious/Talk Arabic Sharjah Media Corporation
94.7 MHz Radio Asia
95.0 MHz Pulse 95 Radio Sharjah Acoustic / Talk / News / Tech / Sports English Sharjah Broadcasting Authority
95.3 MHz Ibiza Global Radio
95.6 MHz Umm Al Quwain FM Umm al quwain Arabic Hits Arabic Shock Middle East
96.1 MHz
96.7 MHz Hit 96.7 Dubai Malayalam Hits Malayalam ARN - Arabian Radio Network
97.1 MHz Emarat FM Abu Dhabi News & Talk Arabic Abu Dhabi Media Company
97.6 MHz Zayed Quran Radio
97.8 MHz Beat 97.8 Umm al quwain English Shock Middle East
98.4 MHz Abu Dhabi FM Abu Dhabi Talk/Classic Arabic hits Arabic Abu Dhabi Media Company
99.0 MHz Al Arabiya Dubai Contemporary Arabic Arabic ARN - Arabian Radio Network
99.3 MHz Radio 2 Classic Hits English Abu Dhabi Media Company
99.6 MHz Club FM Dubai Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi Hits Malayalam Mathrubhumi
99.9 MHz Star FM Abu Dhabi Arabic & English Top 40 Arabic Abu Dhabi Media Company
100.3 MHz Jio FM
100.9 MHz Al Khaleejia Dubai Khaleeji Music Arabic ARN - Arabian Radio Network
101.3 MHz Gold FM Ajman Malayalam Hits Malayalam Channel 4 Radio Network
101.6 MHz City FM Dubai Contemporary Hits Hindi ARN - Arabian Radio Network
102.0 MHz Pearl FM
102.4 MHz Suno FM Music Hindi Radio Asia Network
102.7 MHz Sharjah Quran
103.2 MHz Zain FM
103.5 MHz RAK FM
103.8 MHz Dubai Eye Dubai News, Talk & Sport English ARN - Arabian Radio Network
104.1 MHz Radio 1 Top 40/Dance/R&B English Abu Dhabi Media Company
104.4 MHz Virgin Radio Dubai Top 40 English ARN - Arabian Radio Network
104.6 MHz SEHA
104.8 MHz Channel 4 FM Ajman Top 40 English Channel 4 Radio Network
105.4 MHz Vibe FM
106.2 MHz BIG FM Umm al quwain Bollywood Music Hindi ZEE Entertainment Middle East
106.5 MHz Radio Gilli Umm al quwain Tamil Hits Tamil Cine Advertising Services FZE
107.1 MHz Luv 107.1 Umm al quwain 90s & Contemporary Hits English Shock Middle East
107.4 MHz Al Oula
107.8 MHz Al Rabia FM Ajman Arabic Hits Arabic Channel 4 Radio Network

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