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This is a list of radio stations in the Wellington Region of New Zealand.

Note: Several FM stations changed their frequency during October 2010, as broadcast licenses were renewed and spacing standardized to 0.8 MHz. AM stations were also moved in 1978 when New Zealand switched from 10 kHz frequency spacing to 9 kHz spacing.

As a general rule, full-power FM frequencies in Wellington are spaced 0.8 MHz apart, starting from 89.3 MHz

  • Some Hutt Valley "infill" frequencies have been allocated to the 0.4 MHz "gap" in between other stations. (These are highlighted in gold.)
  • Low-power FM stations are highlighted in blue.
Frequency Name Format Transmitter Broadcasting on frequency since Previous station(s) on frequency
87.6 KIX FM
Commercial Free Low-power FM station - Wellington Central
Classic Rock and New Rock 2010
87.9 MUSE Radio
Low-power FM station - Wellington Central
Student Radio


87.9 The Cheese
Low-power FM station - Lower Hutt Centrall
Adult Contemporary
87.9 Mix FM
Low-powered FM Station - Northern Suburbs
Adult Contemporary 2003
88.1 Human FM
Low-power FM station - Wellington Central
Student radio 2005
88.1 Upper Hutts River FM Low-powered - Upper Hutt 60's - today 2009
88.3 The VBC
Low-power FM station - Wellington Central
Student radio 2007
88.4 The Cheese
Low-power FM station - Wainuiomata/Hutt Valley
80s, 90s & Today July 2006
88.6 Radio Active Student radio Tinakori Hill 1981 on 89FM
89.3 Newstalk ZB Talk radio Kaukau
90.1 The Hits 90.1 Adult contemporary Tinakori Hill
1993 Broadcast on 90.0FM prior to 2010
1990–1991 2ZB

1991–1993 B90 FM (same station but rebranded)
1993-2014 Classic Hits 90FM (same station but rebranded)

90.9 91ZM Hit music Kaukau
91.7 The Edge Pop music Kaukau
2007 1990s - 1991 Fox FM
1993–1995 The Heat 91.7FM
1995–1997 The Box 91.7FM
1997–1998 92 Hitz FM
1998 99-100 More FM (temporary simulcast)
1998–2005 Channel Z
2005–2006 Kiwi FM
2006-2007 More FM Wellington (temporary simulcast)
92.5 Radio New Zealand Concert Classical music Kaukau
93.3 Radio Hauraki Classic rock Kaukau 2010 Broadcast on 93.1FM prior to 2010
93.7 Mix
(Hutt Valley transmitter)
80s & 90s Towai 2016 Broadcast on 93.5FM prior to 2010
1986 - 2007 91ZM
2008 - 2012 Easy Mix Radio Sport
2012 - 2016
94.1 The Breeze (formally known as Radio Windy) Easy listening Kaukau 1993 1992–1994 Radio Windy/Windy FM
94.9 Atiawa Toa FM
(Porirua transmitter)
Porirua 1990s
95.3 More FM Wellington
(Hutt Valley transmitter)
Adult contemporary Fitzherbert 2010
95.7 Coast Middle of the Road Kaukau 2011
96.1 Radio New Zealand Concert
(Hutt Valley transmitter)
Classical music Towai
96.5 The Rock Active rock Kaukau
1999 Station broadcast on 96.3FM prior to 2010
1993-1998 Pirate FM
97.3 The Sound Classic rock Kaukau
2012 Stations broadcast on 97.5FM prior to 2010
1992 2XX Kapiti
1992–1993 Cadbury Moro FM
1994-1995 The Heat 91.7FM (temporary simulcast)
1995–1997 The Quake 97.5FM
1997–1999 Solid Gold
2000–2008 The Edge
2008-2011 Solid Gold
98.1 Life FM (Porirua) Contemporary Christian music Porirua 1993 1992–1994 Radio Windy/Windy FM
1994–2010 The Breeze (New Zealand)
98.5 The Breeze (New Zealand)
(Hutt Valley transmitter)
Easy listening Towai 1995–1996 Kix FM
1996–2004 Channel Z
98.9 Radio Live Talk radio Kaukau
Station broadcast on 98.7FM prior to 2010
1991–2004 More FM
99.7 More FM Wellington Adult contemporary Kaukau
1991 Station broadcast on 100.0FM prior to 2010
1990-1991 Windy FM
100.5 Mai FM Urban Contemporary Kaukau 2012
100.9 Atiawa Toa FM
(Wellington & Hutt Valley transmitter)
Towai 2010
101.3 Radio New Zealand National Kaukau
101.7 Radio New Zealand National
(Hutt Valley transmitter)
102.1 Currently Unused 2006-2015 Kiwi FM
103.7 Niu FM Urban contemporary Kaukau 2002
104.1 Niu FM
(Hutt Valley transmitter)
Urban contemporary Fitzherbert 2010
104.5 George Fm Dance Kaukau 2015 Stations broadcast on 99.4FM prior to 2010
2005 Radio New Zealand National (Hutt Valley)
2005 - 2011 Coast
2011–2013 Radio Sport
2013 - 2015 Flava
105.3 Radio Tarana Contemporary Indian Radio Station Kaukau 2011 2009–2010 Hit Radio X105
106.1 Hutt Radio Community/Access - Hutt Valley Maungaraki Reservoir 2009
106.7 Maranui Fm
Low-power FM station - Lyall Bay
107.2 Secret FM
Low-power FM station - Lower Hutt Central
Youth Radio
107.5 andHow.FM
Low-power FM station - Porirua
Indie Rock Papakowhai 2009
107.5 Triple X FM
Low-power FM station - Kapiti
Classic rock Paraparaumu 2016
107.7 Groove 107.7FM
Low-power FM station - Wellington Central
Cafe / Jazz
AM Stations
567 Radio New Zealand National Titahi Bay 1978 Broadcast on 570 kHz from 1927–1978
657 Southern Star and Parliament radio Christian radio Titahi Bay 1999 1978–1986 Concert Radio (broadcasting on 660 kHz prior to 1978)
711 Radio Trackside Horse Racing Horokiwi 2007 1992–2007 Radio Pacific and Radio Trackside
783 Samoan Capital Radio Titahi Bay
783 Wellington Access Radio Titahi Bay 1981
891 Magic Oldies Horokiwi 2015 1978 – 1993 Radio Windy broadcasting on 1080 kHz between 1973 and 1976 and 890 kHz between 1976 and 1978
1993 - 2015 The Breeze
972 Radio Rhema Christian radio Horokiwi 1992
1035 Newstalk ZB Talk radio Titahi Bay 1993 1978–1993 2ZB (previously broadcasting on 980 kHz between 1937 and 1978)
1161 Te Upoko O Te Ika Titahi Bay 1986 1978–1986 2ZM (previously broadcasting on 1130 kHz between 1969 and 1978 and using callsign 2YD between 1937 and 1969)
1233 Radio Live Talk radio Horokiwi 2008 1990–1994 BBC World Service
1995–1996 Radio Liberty
1996–1997 BBC World Service
1997–1999 Southern Star
1999–2008 Solid Gold
1323 Currently Unused 1988–1994 Aotearoa Radio
1377 Radio Sport (Kapiti Coast) Sports talk Te Horo
1503 Radio Sport Sports talk Horokiwi 1998 1982–1992 Radio Rhema
1997–1998 Sports Round Up

Note: There are a number of low-power FM stations that are operating in Wellington, whose broadcast range may be less than that of the full-power FM stations.

Generally low-power FM stations can be found in two parts of the FM band:

  • between 87.5 MHz and 88.5 MHz
  • between 106.6 MHz and 108 MHz.

Low-power FM station Fleet FM(107.3 MHz) that is now off-air. KIX FM (a Classic Rock station that broadcast on 88.7 MHz is now on 87.6 FM)

FM Stations on the Kapiti Coast
Frequency Name Format Transmitter location [1] Broadcasting on
frequency since
Previous stations on frequency
89.5 Newstalk ZB (Kapiti Coast) Talk radio Forest Heights
90.3 More FM (Kapiti Coast) Adult contemporary Forest Heights
91.1 91ZM Hit music Forest Heights 2004
91.9 The Rock Active rock Ngarara until Dec 2014 then Forest Heights
92.7 The Hits 92.7 (Kapiti Coast) Adult contemporary Forest Heights 2004 2004 - 2014 Classic Hits 92.7 (Same station but rebranded)
93.5 BSport and Radio Trackside Sports talk Waikanae Downs then Forest Heights
94.3 The Sound Classic rock Forest Heights 2012 Solid Gold FM
95.1 Magic Oldies Forest Heights 2015
95.9 Coast Middle of the Road Forest Heights
96.7 Life FM Contemporary Christian Music Forest Heights
97.5 The Edge Pop music Ngarara until Dec 2014 then Forest Heights
98.3 Radio New Zealand Concert Forest Heights
99.1 Radio Live Talk radio Ngarara until Dec 2014 then Forest Heights
100.7 The Breeze (New Zealand) Easy listening Forest Heights
101.5 Radio New Zealand National Forest Heights
104.7 Coast Access FM Forest Heights
106.3 Beach FM Local Radio Forest Heights
107.5 Triple X FM Classic Rock "Paraparaumu" (and possibly elsewhere - see Facebook page) Low-power FM station. Also on internet radio: 2016

The Following frequencies were previously used in the Wellington region, but were decommissioned in the clean-up of frequencies in October 2010.

It is unlikely that most of these will be used again, as many decommissioned frequencies do not fit the current spacing plan.

(Note: 96.9 MHz does fit into the Hutt Valley spacing plan, and is the only decommissioned frequency that might be re-used in future)

Decommissioned frequencies in the Wellington region
Frequency Status Previous stations on frequency Area served Replacement frequency (if applicable)
89.0 Decommissioned  ?–2011 Radio Active Wellington 88.6 (Radio Active)
89.4 Decommissioned  ?–2010 Radio Sport Upper Hutt / Hutt Valley 93.7 (Radio Sport - Hutt Valley transmitter)
90.0 Decommissioned 1990–1991 2ZB
1991–1993 B90 FM
(same station but rebranded)
1993–2010 Classic Hits 90FM
Greater Wellington 90.1 Classic Hits 90FM
93.1 Decommissioned 2004–2010 Radio Hauraki Greater Wellington 93.3 (Hauraki)
93.5 Decommissioned 1986–2007 ZMFM/91ZM
2007–2010 Easy Mix
Hutt Valley Easy Mix moved to 93.7 MHz & closed June 2012, replaced by Radio Sport
94.7 Decommissioned 1995–1996 Kix FM
1996–2004 Channel Z
2004–2010 More FM Wellington
Hutt Valley 95.3 (More FM - Hutt Valley)
95.6 Decommissioned 1980s–2010 Radio New Zealand Concert Hutt Valley 96.1 (RNZ Concert - Hutt Valley)
96.3 Decommissioned 1990s Pirate FM
1999–2010 The Rock
Greater Wellington 96.5 (The Rock)
96.9 Decommissioned 1990s–2010 Atiawa Toa FM Wellington & Hutt Valley
(excluding Porirua)
100.9 Atiawa Toa FM
98.7 Decommissioned 2004–2005 More FM (moved from 98.9FM)
2005–2010 Radio Live
Greater Wellington 98.9 (Radio Live)
99.2 Decommissioned 2006–2010 Life FM Porirua 98.1 (Life FM - Porirua)
99.4 Decommissioned 2005–2010 Coast Greater Wellington 95.7 (Coast)
100.0 Decommissioned 1991–2010 More FM Wellington Wellington / Porirua 99.7 (More FM)
100.7 Decommissioned 2002–2010 Niu FM Hutt Valley 104.1 (Niu Fm - Hutt Valley)

Other stations[edit]

Current stations

Previous stations

Wairarapa stations[edit]

Frequency Name Location Format Years
89.5 FM More FM: Hitz 89FM (later known as Hitz 89.3FM), Today FM Wairarapa Valley (Popoiti) Adult contemporary
90.3 FM The Hits: Classic Hits Wairarapa, Radio Wairarapa, 2ZD Masterton (Otahoua)
91.1 FM TAB Trackside Radio: Live Sport, BSport, Radio Pacific-Trackside Masterton (Otahoua)
91.9 FM Radio Sport Masterton (Otahoua)
92.7 FM Arrow FM Wairarapa Valley (Popoiti) Access radio
93.5 FM The Sound: Solid Gold FM Wairarapa Valley (Popoiti)
94.3 FM ZM Masterton (Otahoua)
95.1 FM The Rock Wairarapa Valley (Popoiti)
95.9 FM The Edge Wairarapa Valley (Popoiti)
98.3 FM Radio Live: Radio Pacific Wairarapa Valley (Popoiti)
99.1 FM Radio New Zealand Concert Masterton (Otahoua)
99.9 FM The Breeze Wairarapa Valley (Popoiti)
101.5 FM Radio New Zealand National Masterton (Otahoua)
105.5 FM Magic Wairarapa Valley (Popoiti) Adult contemporary
105.9 FM More FM: Hitz 89FM (later known as Hitz 89.3FM), Today FM Castlepoint Adult contemporary
106.5 FM Radio Eketahuna, 2ZE FM Eketahuna (Mount Bowen)
846 AM Newstalk ZB, 2ZD Masterton (Waingawa) Talk radio
1071 AM Radio New Zealand Concert Masterton (Waingawa)

Low power[edit]


Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt and Petone[edit]

  • The Cheese FM, 87.9, Stereo, Lower Hutt. Broadcasting to Central Lower Hutt and the CBD Area. Hits of the 80's 90s and Today!. Also available on TelstraClear Digital TV Channel 511
  • Upper Hutts River FM 88.1 Upper Hutt, The station has been broadcasting since Feb 2009. We are a community station broadcasting live morning shows Mon-Fri with community & up to date commuter information as well as a wide range of music. Totally local Upper Hutts Best Music River FM 88.1 and also on
  • KIX-FM was a fully commercial rock radio station with studios in central Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. First going to air in 1993, it filled a gap in Wellington for a rock station when the former Radio Windy reformatted to an easy listening format as The Breeze in 1993. All the on-air staff on KIX FM were volunteers and new to radio. After the station went off-air in 1996 many of the original staff went on to work at some of the New Zealand's biggest radio stations including Mike Currie (Thrasher) on Radio Hauraki & The Sound, Spiros Foundoulakis went to More FM Wellington, Kris Miller worked for The Breeze in Wellington and David Cunningham (deceased) moved to Port FM in Timaru. After going off-air it was resurrected in 2001 as a low power FM radio station and is completely commercial free. Originally on 106.7FM, then 88.7 FM and now 87.6FM since 2010. The station now streams on the internet and is completely automated.[2]
  • Supernova, 107.0, mellower music mix + NZ
  • Calvary Chapel Radio, 106.9, Christian Radio
  • Boom FM, 88.7, Electronica interspersed with classics and kiwi sounds
  • Robot FM, 107.5 mono, Lower Hutt, broadcasting political talks (started May 2006)