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Radio with a Twist is the first and only nationally syndicated gay-friendly radio show on the FM dial. Debuting in January 2006, Twist was billed as a show specifically aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) audience and promised to be "radio with a twist." Airing on 16 Pop and Adult Contemporary radio stations nationwide, the hosts also make it a point to include the "straight" listener every week.


Twist has a novel hosting arrangement - four different hosts in four different cities. However, despite coming from four different cities, the show broadcasts from a powerful transmitter in Daly City, California. The show's production also takes place there.

New York - Ben Harvey. Harvey is best known for being the evening jock on 92.3 K-Rock WXRK in New York City. He has also worked for Y100 WPLY in Philadelphia and was a TV correspondent for Here! TV, the gay and lesbian cable network.

Atlanta - Melissa Carter. Carter is an "out" lesbian on Q100 WWWQ's morning show. She hails from Atlanta, adding an interesting sound to the show.

Los Angeles - Dennis Hensley. Dennis has written several books and writes for many magazines, including Entertainment Weekly and GQ. He's been described as a "Hollywood Insider" and was even featured as one of Kathy Griffin's "main gays" in season one of her Bravo series.

Show programming[edit]

Famous Friend - Celebrities, both gay and "gay-friendly," stop by the studios and chat with the hosts. So far Twist has had Famous Friends including Beyoncé, Anthony Kiedis, Hilary Duff, Peyton Manning, Sarah Jessica Parker, Harry Connick, Jr., Pink, John Waters, Janet Jackson, and Eric McCormack.

Twist LDDs - If Casey Kasem were gay, this is what Long Distance Dedications would sound like! It's a gay spin on a classic radio staple.

Big Gay 7 - Every week Ben, Melissa, and Dennis count down the "Big Gay 5," what the show calls the "biggest hits in 'Gayville, USA'" as decided by the Twist listeners.

You're Talking about it So We're Talking about it - Melissa runs down the headlines in gay & lesbian news, while Ben and Dennis pipe in with sometimes snarky and sometimes thoughtful comments.

Too Much Information - Dennis serves up the latest celebrity dish every week in his gossiplicious installment of TMI.


Radio with a Twist was canceled on Wednesday November 26, 2008 or as many affiliates are saying, put on an indefinite Hiatus due to economic reasons. The reason cited was that local affiliates could no longer afford to air it weeknights from Midnight - 2am. It was replaced on an interim basis by most stations extending their overnight DJ's shift by 2 hours. Beginning Tuesday February 17, 2009 The Billy Bush Show! will replace it permanently at an earlier time with an extra hour from 9pm - Midnight, thus shortening the PM DJ shift to 2 hours in order to cut costs, and keeping the over night DJ's shift extended to 6 hours permanently. It aired in the top sixteen markets across the United States. Its flagship station WPLJ in New York was the first to pull out.

There is a web petition as well as information sign up sheet on Radio with a Twist's home page and even a Facebook group with the hopes that at some point in 2009 it will relaunch. No word as to how, when, or where and even what format the relaunch will happen. With the premier of The Billy Bush Show! however it is not likely that Radio with a Twist will be back any time soon. To sign up for more information visit the website listed below.

Where to tune in[edit]

The 16 stations are listed on Twist's official web site, [1].