Radioactive Records

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Radioactive Records
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 1990
Founder Gary Kurfirst
Status Defunct
Distributor(s) MCA Records
Genre Various
Country of origin United States

Radioactive Records was an American record label. It was formed as a joint venture between talent manager Gary Kurfirst (who managed such acts as the Ramones, Big Audio Dynamite, Deee-Lite and Deborah Harry) and MCA Records, and it is now out of business.[1]

Acts on the label had included: Live, Black Grape, Jane's Addiction, the Ramones, Big Audio Dynamite, Talking Heads, Eurythmics, Traci Lords, and Angelfish (Shirley Manson[2][3]—Manson joined Garbage courtesy of Gary Kurfirst[4]). The band Pray TV from Melbourne, Australia, and British group Cooler Than Jesus (featuring Simon White who later played in Brit-pop band Menswear) were also signed by the label in the early 1990s.[5][6]

In 1997, Kurfirst formed a related label, Radiouniverse, as a joint venture with Universal Music Group's Universal Records.[7] It debuted with albums from Radio Iodine and Dig, bands that were formerly signed to Radioactive. Other acts signed to the label included The Devlins and Tyzle Fly.[7]

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