Radipole railway station

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Place Radipole
Area Borough of Weymouth and Portland
Original company Great Western Railway
Post-grouping Southern Region of British Railways
Platforms 2
1 July 1905 Opened as Radipole Halt
5 May 1969 Renamed Radipole
31 December 1983 last trains stopped at station
6 February 1984 Officially closed
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Radipole was a railway station serving a northern area of Weymouth in the county of Dorset in England.[1]


Opened by the GWR as Radipole Halt on 1 July 1905,[2] it was part of a scheme by the railway company to counter road competition, particularly from Weymouth's buses. Situated 167 mi 65 chains (270.1 km) from Paddington,[3] it was initially served by local Weymouth to Dorchester South rail motor and Abbotsbury trains. The station lasted well into the nationalised era served by Bournemouth to Weymouth trains on what is now known as the South Western Main Line, as well as Westbury line DMUs.[3] When built, its two short platforms had GWR pagoda shelters but these rusted and were replaced with bus shelters in 1978.[3] The word Halt was dropped from its title (and from that of other surviving BR stations where it had previously appeared) on 5 May 1969.[2]

No further services called at Radipole after 31 December 1983 as, according to the Southern Region of British Railways, its wooden platforms had become "too unsafe for use to continue".[4] At the time, the Department for Transport was considering a proposal to withdraw passenger services from the station and British Rail had stated that heavy expenditure on repairs was not justified whilst the station's future was in doubt.[4] Official consent was received in January 1984 and the official date of closure was 6 February 1984.[4] In 2015, a British Rail map showing the station could still be seen at Yeovil Pen Mill station.[5]

The site today[edit]

Little now remains of the halt although the places in the wall where the access paths were bricked up can still be seen. Trains still pass on the Heart of Wessex Line and the South Western Main Line.[6]

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Line Open, Station Open
  Great Western Railway
Wilts, Somerset and Weymouth Railway
Line Open, Station Open


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Coordinates: 50°37′44″N 2°27′44″W / 50.6290°N 2.4623°W / 50.6290; -2.4623