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Radomir Lukić (Serbian: Радомир Лукић) (August 31, 1914 – May 31, 1999) was a prolific Serbian jurist, a scholar of philosophy and sociology of law. He was born in Miloševac near Velika Plana, Serbia.

His parents died when he was very young and he had a difficult childhood. Lukić graduated from the University of Belgrade's Law School in 1933 as an excellent student and received a Ph.D. degree in Paris in 1939. He became a Professor of Law at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law at the unusually early age of 26, and between 1958-1960 was the dean of the Faculty of Law.

He taught a number of important courses, including Theory of State and Law, Philosophy of Law, General Sociology and Methodology of Jurisprudence. He was a visiting lecturer at Grenoble, Paris, Nice, Warsaw, Moscow and Köln.

Lukić is known for writing the first textbook on sociology in the former Yugoslavia.

The University of Belgrade Faculty of Law named its main lecture hall in his memory, and established the Radomir Lukić Foundation to honor of his scholarship.

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