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Pronunciation ˈradɔvan
Gender Male
Word/name Slavic
Meaning The joyful one

Radovan (Serbian Cyrillic: Радован; pronounced [ˈradɔvan], pronounced [ˈradovan]) is a Slavic male given name, derived from the passive adjective radovati ("rejoice"),[1] itself from root rad- meaning "care, joy". It is found in its Slavic form Radovan in former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro), and also in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. It is recorded in Serbia since the High Middle Ages.[1]

Male variations and diminutives (and nicknames) include Radovanče,[1] Radan, Radánek, Rade, Rado, Radič, Radko, Radvan, Radúz, Radek, and cognates Radomir, Radomil and Radoslav. Female forms include Radka, Radana, Radomirka, Radmila, Radica.[citation needed]

Namedays include 13 January in Croatia, and 14 January in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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