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This article is about the given name. For the Romanian commune, see Radovan, Dolj. For the Croatian village near Ivanec, see Radovan, Croatia.
Pronunciation ˈradɔvan
Gender Male
Word/name Slavic
Meaning The joyful one

Radovan (Cyrillic: Радован), pronounced [ˈradovan], is a Slavic male given name, derived from rad- meaning "care, joy". It is found in its South Slavic form Radovan (Serbian Cyrillic: Радован) predominantly in former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro), and to a lesser degree in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Male variations and diminutives (and nicknames) include Radan, Radánek, Rade, Rado, Radič, Radko, Radvan, Radúz, Radek, and cognates Radomir, Radomil and Radoslav. Female forms include Radka, Radana, Radomirka, Radmila, Radica.


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