Raduškevičius Palace

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Raduškevičius Palace
Raduškevičius Palace today
Before partial demolish

Raduškevičius Palace - building in Vilnius, Kalvarijų st. 1. Currently it is headquarters of the Lithuanian Architects Union.


In 1894–1897, Neo-Gothic Palace was built by famous doctor Hilarijus Raduškevičius with Julianas Januševskis project. In 1962–1963 western and south western hulls were demolished. From 2004 it is headquarters of Lithuanian architects union. In 2013, the remaining part of Palace was reconstructed.[1]


Coordinates: 54°41′33″N 25°16′53″E / 54.69250°N 25.28139°E / 54.69250; 25.28139