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Rael Dornfest at the 2006 O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference.

Rael Dornfest is an American computer programmer and author. He is a Technical Fellow at Charity: Water, and was previously an engineer at Twitter. He was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Values of N, creator of "I Want Sandy" and "Stikkit: Little Yellow Notes that Think." Previously, he was Chief Technology Officer at O'Reilly Media. He began working for Twitter after they bought the assets of his company Values of N. [1]

He led the RSS-DEV Working Group, which authored RSS 1.0 and is the author of Blosxom, a lightweight Perl-based publishing system. [2]

He was Series Editor of O’Reilly's Hacks series, and has co-authored a number of books including Google Hacks (ISBN 0-596-00447-8), Mac OS X Panther Hacks (ISBN 0-596-00718-3), and Google: The Missing Manual (ISBN 0-596-00613-6).


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