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Rafal Ohme

Rafał Krzysztof Ohme is a professor of psychology, expert in persuasion and unconscious processes. In 1995-1996 he held the Fulbright Scholarship at Kellogg School of Management where he learned advertising from Brian Sternthal. In 1996-2003 he visited Robert Zajonc from Department of Psychology at Stanford University, and researched unconscious processing and emotions.[citation needed]

He lectures at Warsaw School of Social Psychology and works at the Institute of Psychology at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a member of Advertising Research Foundation, American Advertising Association, European Academy of Advertising, Association of Consumer Research, NeuroPsychoEconomics as well as Association of Scientific Study on Consciousness, Society of Personality and Social Psychology, American Psychological Society, European Association of Experimental Social Psychology.

He wrote New Mind of Consumer (in press), Unconscious Affect (2007-Ed.), Subliminal Facial Information (2003), and trilogy Automaticity (2001, 2003, 2003 – Ed.).

He was a guest speaker during EXPO 2000 and EUROPALIA 2001 as well as at seminars and workshops in USA, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, Montenegro, Russia and France.[citation needed]

For his scientific achievements he was awarded by the Prime Minister of Poland, as well as by the President of Poland.[citation needed]

In 1997 he founded Human Mind and Brain Applied Research Center (HMB-ARC) and in 2003 Laboratory & Co (LAB). HMB-ARC adopts cutting-edge scientific discoveries, and creates innovative marketing research instruments. LAB is a research company that integrates neuro and conventional approaches in copy-testing.

In 2009 he organized the NEUROCONNECTIONS conference – a global annual meeting to integrate neuromarketing companies and create a platform to exchange ideas and share experience between science and advertising business.

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